Recent Loves - clear skies, rainbows, bookmarks, and a song on replay

Wednesday, October 21, 2020


I'm writing a Recent Loves entry, because there are actually some things that I've been loving lately, and because writing is my chosen after-work activity for today ~

I've been loving this afternoon's clear skies

Logging off from work felt so satisfying especially today, since I can proudly say that I've accomplished a lot of things on my work to-do list. I've set strict boundaries with my 'office hours' so I made sure I've logged off by 17:00. I then went out to my garden, which I admit I haven't done for quite some time.

Today was different from the previous days, as it seemed like the clouds have rolled away, and the sun has shown itself once again. It's definitely refreshing, since we've had a typhoon raining down on the nation, but today it seems to have taken its exit. It's true what they say, gloomy days come and go; the sun will come out eventually. : - )

I've been loving the sight and thought of rainbows

I've spotted a rainbow twice in the past couple of weeks. It appeared for only a few minutes, then it faded eventually. The mere sight of it is very comforting, and it gives me hope that somehow we are not alone in what we're all going through this year. The rainbow is not super vibrant on photo, but it sure was colorful in real life, and perhaps it is still imprinted in my mind to this very day. 

I've been loving making art, lots and lots of it

I have been reading lots lately, so I made my own bookmarks by painting my favorite patterns: gingham and florals. I'm very much the kind of person to use anything as a bookmark (receipts, pens, scratch papers..), but I felt a bit creative this time around. I also have been working with oil pastels a lot lately, so it was a nice quick break to paint with watercolors. 

Speaking of painting and art, I'd like to share my favorite pieces for this week's art prompts (in oil pastel):

Legs - sitting on a blanket, toes reaching out to the fresh green grass, wildflowers in sight. 
Shoes, what shoes? 

Picnic - bread, pastries, waffles, fruits, and grass, what more could you ask for? 

I decided to connect both of the prompts to the picnic theme, just because I like being out and about and seeing nature. Icymi, I've been following CatCreature's art prompts this month, wherein I draw one artwork a day. I'm enjoying the process very much, and I can't wait to share with you my favorites after the whole challenge. 

I've been loving this charming song

I'm sharing a song that's been on replay, which was just released yesterday--

If I had fins I would swim to you

Even if it doesn't make sense at all

If I lose my feet then I'll be singing for you

Even when I cannot find a place to do

Ooh, ooh, ooh


Happy Wednesday, dear reader. We're already half-way through the week, and that's something we can celebrate. One thing that keeps me going nowadays is to celebrate getting through things half-way; it could be realizing that it's already lunch time and you just have the afternoon left for work, or it could be with how you're already half-way through your work or project, or whatever it is.. the progress just feels so fulfilling, and you need to acknowledge that more. May it push us forward to a great finish.

Another thing I wanted to share would be that it helps to switch up your activities once in a while so you won't tire of doing the same thing every single day. I am a creature of habit, but I like switching things up too once in a while. If on Monday I made art, yesterday I read a novel, then today I am writing this to you. ; - ) 

Have a wonderful rest of your week. 


  1. i love the artwork!


    1. Thank you so much Disa!! :") I enjoy making them very much

  2. What an uplifting read, you've definitely just made me take a big sigh and escape from my head :)
    I love how you're able to dedicate time to doing the things you enjoy once getting work done. I need to take a leaf out of your book! Also those oil pastel drawings are insanely cute! I really really love them! It takes me back to simple memories of Summer...

    Hope you have a wonderful weekend!
    Louise x

    1. Thank you so much Louise for your kind words!! Having these simple hobbies truly make life more meaningful and enjoyable. Oil pastels are really fun to work with as well, so I hope to make more and more art~
      Have a lovely rest of your week :")

  3. This is such a lovely little list! Rainbows are nice, and your art is so cute! I'm still trying to set my own work boundaries and sticking to a routine myself. I hope your routine is helping you feel more productive and rested.

    1. Thank you so much Hannah! Definitely, routines keep me grounded and motivated. I guess one of the things I got to further improve on was to become more consistent with my routines and habits :") Have a lovely day <3

  4. Your artworks are so pretty! I hope you have a wonderful weekend! xx

    Renee Alexis

    1. Thank you, as always, Renee! :") Have a lovely rest of your week!!

  5. Oh, I really enjoy that song you shared! I've heard of Phum Viphurit through his COLORS performance, but not much of his other music.

    I like what you said about Wednesdays. When things get busy I often forget to celebrate my progress... but now that it's Wednesday again I'll try to remember to do that :)

    1. I really like Phum Viphurit !! his songs are so catchy and just so chill-- totally my vibe :")

      It's so easy to get lost in all the things we do, but indeed, let us celebrate for today is Wednesday, and we are already half way through the week! Thank you for your time with me on here, stay safe always <3

  6. I love clear skies too especially when it's turning pink on sunset <3 i haven't used bookmarks in awhile and I can't find the right bookmark for me because I'm picky when it comes to using bookmarks. So im using paper clips as an alternative.

    Kai | The Dainty Cat

    1. Hello Kai :) the sky is always so full ow wonder, and it's almost always never the same. Looking up is always a great idea <3 I always misplace the things I use for bookmarks, so I decided to create my own bookmarks for a change.. haha! Stay safe and well!