I drew the flowers, skies, and moments I loved

Sunday, September 13, 2020


Happy Sunday, dear reader! I look forward to Sundays because it's when I get to write to you. It's also a day full of rest before a new week begins.

My last Recent Loves was back in May!! But let me make it up to you by adding a creative twist to it, by sharing with you the flowers, skies, and old moments I loved, in oil pastel.

There came a time back in July till the early days of August, when we would experience lots of rainy spells. The weather would be slightly sunny in the morning, then rainy all throughout the afternoon. As someone who loves to be out and about in the garden, these were the days when I would try as much as possible to do all my gardening tasks in the morning while the sun was out, then I would go back inside the house once the afternoon comes around. 

I learned to enjoy the rain, though I initially preferred the warmth of the sun. The garden has provided me with much comfort, much peace, and much greenery to appreciate.. but with the changing of seasons, I had to adapt too.  

How else was I to be busy with my own two hands? The answer came in the form of an old oil pastel set I found while cleaning the house. They've been with me since I was in grade school, but I just never had enough time to use them since. I opened them up to see that there have been some molds on the cover (I'm sparing you from any photos of this!), though the oil pastel sticks themselves were still fine. I felt nostalgic; I used to enter a lot of art contests before and I would use these same oil pastels as my medium. It's incredible how time flies and I'm grateful they are still with me even now into my young adult years.  

And so I took the chance to make some art. Much like what I shared when I made watercolor paintings of the sky, there's no better time to make art than now. I have this habit of saving things for later, to the point that I end up not using them, whether it be notebooks, pens, or art materials. It's about time to break that habit and create as much as I want.

So here were are, some art I've made during the rainy days. Allow me to share a bit about them as well: 

This is a slice of mango cheesecake. I used to be the one who would order the cakes for whenever one of my colleagues would celebrate their birthday in the office, and I remember most of them would prefer cheesecakes. This mango cheesecake was a popular choice. :")

I'm not the biggest fan of coffee, but I'm definitely fond of staying in coffee shops. This was a time when my friend and I stayed in a coffee shop until closing time, simply because we were just so engrossed with our conversations. We didn't want the night to end yet, so we ended up looking for another coffee shop that was still open just so we could continue talking about life. 

I have to admit though, that coffee can be really good with cake. Do you remember those days in December, when Christmas celebrations would be over and the New Year would come next? It is for me, quite a strange time, as I always feel like time moves differently and I can not exactly pinpoint why. But I remember that one time I decided to meet up with my friend, and we were sharing about our goals and intentions for the coming year. I believe this was back in 2018, and we were looking forward to 2019. We had our journals in hand and we were just writing things down while chit chatting and enjoying the cafe ambiance. 

I have discovered so many nature and garden Instagram accounts throughout this quarantine time, and they are like my windows to other nature scenes around the world. It's so delightful to see everyone appreciating nature a lot more and finding peace while surrounded by them, and I resonate with such an activity very much. This one is inspired by a field of wildflowers.

We have quite a few flowers growing in the garden currently, and one of these would be the Blue Butterfly Pea. These are edible flowers, mostly placed in salad and pasta dishes, and even cakes. They grow so fast! They have covered an entire wall in our garden, since they are such avid crawlers on any surface they get to rest on. I have observed how it grew throughout this quarantine time; it definitely takes the form or shape of whatever it can cling itself to. I guess one of the things I'm grateful for in this time is the chance to observe plants and their secret lives.

It seems I'll never get over Kew, and I'll always be fond of botanical gardens. This is inspired from Kew's rose garden. The scent of roses was truly overpowering while I was walking around the patches, seeing them in all sorts of colors and sizes, it was definitely a sensory treat! I plan to draw Kew's many different greenhouses next.

I also follow a lot of people who do floral arrangements on Instagram. My favorite is @go.mikiko.55 . All these flowers in vases are inspired by her floral arrangements. I just love all the colorful blooms that she puts together, and even the vibrant vases that she places them in are so fun to look at. Mikiko-san is also very kind; I have showed her these drawings of mine, and she was so pleased... I'm happy to have met her in this time. 

And here we have the late afternoon skies, inspired from my walks after work last year. I enjoyed making these, and it reminds me of how one simple act of looking up could be such a rewarding thing to do after a very long day. Just the thought of how the sky changes every second, that it is never the same for however long we stare at it, thrills me each time.

The rainy spells have somehow disappeared for now, and the sunny days are back. More time is spent in the garden once again; getting to water them everyday is a small but certain happiness that marks the start and end of my day, but now perhaps oil pastels have found its way in between, too.

I have created a home for all my artworks over at my art Instagram: helloannajo.art do we follow each other yet? :")


I'm also taken back to the time when I was still so young, on a weekend when my sister didn't have to go to school; we would be so busy coloring up pages of our coloring books. I stayed indoors mostly as well when I was younger, so filling up coloring books and drawing was my absolute favorite thing to do. I'd like to think that nothing much has changed, even now.

Thank you for spending time with me; it's an honor to be part of your day. Have a lovely week ahead. ♡♡♡


  1. Oh, I love these drawings! Oil pastels make me feel nostalgic too - something about getting messy with art makes me feel like a kid again :) I just followed your art instagram, by the way!

    1. Hello Mani!! I've missed reading your blog, and I hope you are well. I'm glad to hear these drawings have brought you joy in some way :) that's the thing with oil pastels; our hands have to get dirty, but it's fun anyway. Thank you so much for following along, I have followed back ;) Take care and stay safe, it's always great to hear from you. ♡

  2. It is always good to have some rain once in a while. It is great that you got your hands on some oil pastel! I never really dug into that before. It always looked pretty cool! The oil pastel really held up after these years! I love the different food art you've made!! The blending looks on point!! I like the incorporation of nature as well. You can never go wrong with floral art! Big fan of the landscape too!! Glad you got to go back to oil pastels!

    Nancy ✨ exquisitely.me

    1. I'm glad I still have my oil pastels indeed! I've always admired them for their vibrant and colorful pigments. It's also a lot of fun to draw my favorite things through them, since they can be done quickly and without a fuss, so now I like to switch up my art time between paints and oil pastels. Thank you so much for your time with me on here Nancy ~ have a wonderful start of your week! ♡