Unwind After Work (From Home)

Sunday, August 9, 2020

Our ways of unwinding after work have surely changed this year. For me personally, unwinding before could be a dinner date with a friend, window shopping in the mall, or falling asleep and waking up in traffic (I don't like this one haha). Working from home now has challenged us to appreciate more the smallest ways in which we can unwind.

Before anything else, allow me to open this entry with a lovely album by Uly. I've been listening to it every single day since it came out, what with its charming album title, its album cover featuring pressed flowers, and its overall calming feel of the songs (perfect for rainy days, sunny days, any kind of day)... I hope you give it a listen ♡♡♡

if you were a day, you'd be sunday (songs to go walking to)

Okay, that is all. I just wanted to recommend this album, and you can move along with your day now...

Just kidding! While listening to this mellow album has helped me cope throughout the busy week, let me write to you as well on how I have been unwinding after my work from home shift:

  • Eating chocolate cake - it was my mom's birthday earlier last week. I ordered chocolate cake online, and (thankfully) it was big enough to last for around a week. So after work you'd see me bringing out a tupperware containing chocolate cake and eating a slice or two. 

  • Writing and reflecting on my small wins - when the work day is done, I write on my journal and recount both the good and bad things that happened. I've noticed that I feel my anxiety more intensely rather than feeling happy with what I've accomplished in the day. This is my little exercise that keeps me on track, to actually revel in the good things and acknowledge the bad, and it reminds me that I'm doing alright.

  • Reading my bible - what to do next? is the constant question inside my head after finishing work. If there is no pending chore to be done and since there is no more commute time, I can easily open a physical copy of the bible and start meditating on it. I could read the bible over and over, and God constantly provides His solace and wisdom each time. 

all photos used on this blog entry are from Uly's bandcamp.

  • Watching my fish swim around - it is true that our pets are a source of great companionship, however I'm not sure if I can say the same with my fish. Unlike cats and dogs, fish can't really run to you and express their love. How do I know my fish loves me? I have no way in telling. Maybe it's the way they swim closer to me when they see me? But I do find it relaxing just watching them swim and noticing the tiny details on their bodies, such as their spots and colors. In this case, I'm fine with being the one giving the love and attention, rather than receiving it...

  • Watching vlogs with my parents - my parents have been watching tons of Youtube videos lately... and I join them. Their favorite channel at the moment is Living Big In A Tiny House and I just find it so fascinating to see how people live a more sustainable lifestyle through tiny homes. To be honest, I don't envision myself living in a huge mansion. I would rather have a quaint tiny home with a huge garden ; - ) 

  • Listening to the rain - it has been raining lately, and I am loving the cold, and the sound of the rain tapping on my window. It's honestly hard to work or get out of bed, but I intend to enjoy this season while it is here. Although I am secretly hoping for sunny days..

  • Sleeping early - when there is nothing else to do, I just go straight to bed. Sometimes my mind is too tired to absorb any more information, and I would rather just call it a day than try to open my pending self-paced online course on Udemy or to listen to a podcast I've been saving for later..... I remind myself always: tomorrow is another day to do all these things


That is all for now; I tried to keep it short and sweet for this Sunday. : - ) how do you unwind after a long day of work? I'd love to be inspired by you, dear reader.

Write to you again soon. ♡


  1. I unwind after work by watching a lot of TCM films (old black and white movies) :)

    Anna Jo, I like your unwind routine after work. Eating chocolate cake while reading and journaling sounds so cozy.

    I've never heard of Uly before but the minute I pressed play on the widget, I fell in love with them. The album cover of pressed flowers is really pretty and I love the soft, jazzy sounds. Anna Jo, you're right; it sounds great for slowing down x

    Mari | www.dazedmari.com

    1. Watching old black and white movies sounds lovely, Mari! :") thanks for sharing how you unwind after a good day's work.

      The chocolate cake has been finished by now. Haha! I am now looking forward to the next sweet dessert we can store in the fridge..

      Actually, I've never heard of him too before; I just discovered one of his songs on Spotify, and I haven't looked back since. I'm happy you like his songs too! Hope you're having a lovely week so far.

  2. This is so lovely. <3 Bible reading is such a nice way to unwind actually, and it's so adorable to watch about tiny houses with your parents! Haha
    I struggle so much with sleeping on time lately - but I suppose it is a form of self care and unwinding too. Such sweet little things, Anna Jo!
    Have a great weekend x

    Jo | With Risa

    1. There's so much to learn through the bible, really.. We'll never run out of things to reflect on. I'm grateful I have more time to read it during this covid time.
      Sleep is indeed a great form of self care!! These little things I hold onto mean a lot lately, and they keep me going... hope you're having a great week so far :) the weekend is finally in sight!

  3. it is so important to unwind from work, whether you are working from home or not. Though, if you're WFH, even more important to unwind. I make a point to get off the computer, even personal right after work. I love seeing how you unwind from work. It is great that you're reading your bible. Great idea as a transition piece. Ooooh! I should maybe get into watching vlogs. I tend to watch Netflix as I eat dinner. Thanks for sharing all of these unwinding activities! I just take a nap right after work hehe.

    Nancy ✨ exquisitely.me

    1. Truly!! It's easy to think that I don't have to take a break since I'm just at home anyway.. but this is a good reminder that more breaks are needed during wfh. Ahh, I have tried napping after work this week, and it was absolutely magical. I might keep doing this especially for when I have early shifts! thanks for being here Nancy :)

  4. Hi Anna! I don't know how WFH feels because I've never really experienced that (yet) but I'm glad that you can unwind from it in the simplest things even when you are just home. Bonding with parents through YT vlogs is fun, you don't have to spend a dime and still enjoy your time with them. And yes to sleeping early! That's always my treat to myself after a long day of work.

    Always keep safe Anna!

    Much love from Ann <3

    1. Hello Ann! I'm excited for you to experience wfh :) sleeping indeed is the best reward to be honest; most times I just feel like my brain is too fried to do anything else..haha! Likewise, take care and keep safe as well!! <3

  5. These are all great ways to unwind! I wish I had some fish to watch swimming around, that sounds so relaxing. I love watching and listening to the rain, and writing a journal for reflection.

    1. Thank you Emily! :) the rain is so soothing indeed, and definitely helps me focus on writing too. Hope you're having a lovely weekend!