Everyday Eyemake

Wednesday, April 15, 2020

I've been playing around with my eyeshadow palette whenever I feel like it, which is quite often lately. 

My face has been taking one great breather from makeup since last month, but then I don't really put much makeup on a daily basis in the first place. On most days, it's going to be my CC cream, face powder, and matte lipstick. When I feel like putting in the extra effort, I put eyeliner, touch up my brows a bit, and dab on some blush.

I never really played with eyeshadow though, mainly because I don't want to risk looking like a panda or like I was punched. It took me some time to really get into it, since as a young baby-faced woman who has to look professional and neat on special occasions, I figured it was high time I knew how to dabble with makeup.

But now I absolutely am fascinated with my palette. I can't say I've mastered it, but I do have lots of fun putting colors on my eyelids, much like the kind of joy I get whenever I paint with watercolors. Perhaps it's because of the colors? Or how I can see my eyes looking brighter and livelier. Makeup after all is meant to enhance the features of our faces.

Not sponsored! But here's the breakdown of what I used:

Eyeshadow Palette - Bare Minerals
CC Cream - Innisfree
Lip Balm - Burts Bees
Matte Lipstick - Sunnies in Vacay
Glossy Lipstick - Innisfree
Lip Tint - The Face Shop
Mascarra - Clinique
Glitter Eyeshadow - Innisfree
Blush - Clinique
Eyelash Curler - Happy Skin
Eyebrow Pencil - The Face Shop
(Not in photo) Eyeliner - The Face Shop, Face Powder - Clinique, Brushes - Real Techniques

This is my first ever palette, and it was gifted to me from my sister. This was around the time I got my first job. She figured a nice set of neutrals will be best, especially if I were to use these for the office. It was quite daunting for me to use at first, as I didn't know where the heck I should start, but the colors aren't very pigmented, so I can say that there's enough room for trial and error. 

The thing is, I never really did use it so much until probably a year after :")) and now, as I acquaint myself with it during quarantine season, I've settled into two eyemake looks that I really like and I'm comfortable with if ever I were to come in to the office with it. Here are two everyday eyemake looks I've put together:

Eyeshadow colors used in order: Come True (whole lid), Gold Leaf (inner eye and lower lashline), Good Spirits (crease), Yes Please (outer eye area)

I used lots of brown for this, as I felt it added a lot more depth to my eyes. I think just a bit more dark shading in the outer corners and I could already achieve the full smokey eye.. but then that's for the night time events. I placed lots of shimmer for the inner eye. I like the shimmery shades in my palette, as it brightens the eyes. When in doubt, put shimmer.

Eyeshadow colors used in order: Granted (whole lid and lower lashline), Merry (inner eye), Bubbles (middle lid)

The lighting here has changed, mainly because it was already golden hour by then. I think this one is more casual, fun, and youthful. I put a lot on my lower lashline to emphasize the tiny bags under my eyes. I don't really have eyebags, but I think I've heard from somewhere that placing some shade on the lashline creates an innocent look of sorts. I placed glitter for finishing touches.

Also worth noting would be that I cut my hair for the first time on my own a couple of weeks ago. My hair is naturally curly wavy, so it works for me. It's fun to style as well :)


Reality: I went through it slowly. I really wanted to do it because it's been so hot here in Manila, yet at the same time my thoughts were racing: what the heck am I doing?? I guess for us women our long hair is like our crown, we associate it much with our femininity.. but then again we can do anything we want with our hair after all, so there you have it folks. 


I'm looking into getting another palette some day soon. I'd love to experiment with other colors, shades, and styles. 

Which eyemake do you like? : - ) Do you wear full makeup to the office? I'd like to know!

Hope you have a great rest of the week, dear reader. 



  1. I've never worn eye makeup for like my everyday use but I'd love to try sometime. I love how simple yet catchy your makeup is :)

    Stay healthy! :)

    Blog: www.missdream-girl.blogspot.com

    1. Thanks Shaira! Sometimes I just use my lip product and smudge it over my cheeks and eyelids too. Stay healthy as well!

  2. I don't usually wear eye makeup in the office but I do on some occasions like sundays or if there's an event I have to attend to. Maybe the reason why is because I don't know how to blend??? Haha It's something I'd love to learn, though. I love the palette your sister gave you!

    I've added you on my blog reading list. <3

    Bee of https://beecaluya.com/ x

    1. Perhaps now is the perfect time to learn how to blend... !! haha
      Thank you dear Bee <3 <3 I'm a fan of your blog too ;)

  3. Such a pretty everyday look! Your hair also looks so cute! You did a great job cutting it!


    1. Thank you!! cutting my hair felt like a big risk, but I'm happy I took it. :")

  4. I love the color of your palette! Nudes and neutrals are the best, but I find eye makeup so hard to apply and blend! It is a test of skill and patience for me lol. Btw love your hair, it looks so good like you had it done from a salon! I cut my own too and everytime I do it I feel empowered for some reason 🤔

    A Choi | www.annchoi.me

    1. Thanks Choi :) This is my first and favorite palette haha! Practicing how to blend indeed takes some time, and now I do exactly that whenever I have spare time in between working from home.

      It's awesome that you cut your own hair as well. It can be empowering indeed to cut our own hair, probably because we're doing it with our own two hands and we're in charge with how it would turn out as opposed to having someone else do it for us!

  5. Ah sounds like a great palette, thanks for review!

    Allie of

    1. It's a great palette for beginners to play around with, like me! :) Thanks for dropping by Allie~

  6. You look so pretty! I love this look, so simple, but it looks so gorgeous - I'm yet to master proper eye make up without looking like I have black eyes... Also laughed out loud at the Mulan gif - I too have similarly wanted to commit to the chop but I'm too afraid!

    //teandtwosugars.blogspot.com xx

    1. Thank you Georgia!! I struggled with that kind of thinking for the longest time, until I just decided to just go for it. :)) Haha, yes I immediately thought about that Mulan gif while cutting my hair. I just did a straight cut for mine, and didn't worry so much about the details anymore. It's a risk definitely :))

  7. Oooh! I love seeing how people put on makeup. I feel the same about being able to take a breather from makeup! Though I usually spend 10 mins to put it on at least once a week for the lulz. Your palette is so cute!! I need more colors in mine hehe. Clinique has some great makeup!

    Love the look on you! I use eyeshadow from Chanel :).

    Nancy ♥ exquisitely.me

    1. Same, I like learning techniques from different people. :) I also put on makeup from time to time just so they won't go to waste.. haha. I love Clinique, I would say it is my favorite makeup brand. <3 Thanks Nancy!!!