On The Day of Turning Twenty Four

Sunday, December 22, 2019

I turned twenty four two days ago! Here's me recapping how the day went.

I woke up at my usual time, 5:30AM. I then went back to sleep for a couple more hours, until 7:30AM, since a dear friend had told me she would drop by my house to give me a gift. And alas, I did wake up at 7:30M, checked my phone and received a text that she was already outside my house. I grabbed the nearest sweater I could find, my favorite yellow one, and went out the door without thinking twice about my bad breath and sleepy eyes. My friend greeted me with a hug and a Happy Birthday!! then handed me her gift. It was a brief yet lovely time, a lovely way to start the day indeed. I opened her present once I got in the house and was pleasantly surprised to find a beautiful wreath adorned with olive green leaves and pink flowers.

Upon seeing me up and about, unwrapping my friend's gift by our tiny Christmas tree, my parents then greeted me a Happy Birthday together; my dad played The Beatles' Birthday on the speakers (like he always does, yearly) and my mom clapping. "Pose with your wreath!!" my dad exclaimed. "Okay, I'll get ready first," I replied and proceeded to going back to my room to get ready.

I knew what I was going to wear for the day; it was a recently thrifted blouse from the previous week. I liked it for many reasons and felt like wearing it on my birthday was a very fitting thing to do. And so I got ready with my clothes and did my makeup, posed with my wreath, and told my parents to get ready too since we had the whole day ahead of us. Not that there was lots to do, just two of my favorite things to do in the world, which was to go thrifting and to eat good food.

I did these two things away from the busy city. It was a Friday and it was the last working day of the year in the office for most of us, so I decided to take the day off. It fills me with great joy to be away from what is familiar, from lining up for a van to get to work, to seeing all the concrete buildings and walking fast to get to my office. I instead wanted to see more green, to spend some quiet time with my two favorite people. All the while, I was replying to all the texts, messages, and posts from dear friends. I wanted to respond to all of them, not leaving a message behind. I truly appreciate each and every well wisher, even those from whom I haven't heard from a long time. I'm simply grateful that even though we haven't been on each other's radar for quite some time, they still thought of reaching out. Each and every wish and thought is well received as it should be.

I am very close to quitting fast fashion entirely. I can count with my one hand the number of clothing pieces I bought from the mall this year! This was the thought that ran in my head while going through the piles of clothes in the thrift store. In the end, I bought really good quality pieces that I can't wait to wear for casual days and for appropriate events. I think, even if I know I'm able to afford more, I find more joy in thrifting.

After a couple of hours in the thrift store, my parents and I went to a Thai restaurant for lunch. The food was great, as those who have eaten there have shared with me. I especially loved the pad thai, although my parents weren't such big fans of it!! To each his own, I guess. But at least I'm now getting to know their interests more. We don't eat out a lot, but I'm glad that they're more open to it now; I think a little push is always good.

On the way home, I took a nap in the car. It felt like a long nap, but it was just the standard hour and a half, since by the time I woke up we were already back in the city. As my dad was driving, I was thinking about how grateful I was that he always had the freedom in choosing to spend time with us. Whenever we have family occasions, he would free up his schedule immediately and make sure he was present. He never let work get in the way of family time, and that's something I've learned from him throughout the years. We had pizza for dinner, and it's a rare occasion for us to have pizza since my mom's been strict with our diets... well it's my birthday, so! : - ) I replied to more messages, wrote on my journal, and eventually felt sleepy before 12MN.

It was a simple day. A few years ago, I was somehow wishing I could spend it differently, maybe perhaps with friends? But I somehow just learned to love to have the day for myself and together with my parents. Having them by my side on my birthday is the best gift I could ever ask for, and I wouldn't ask for anything more. I wish my sister can be with us on family events, but that's just not possible for now, and that's perfectly okay. It's only years after she's away that I realized the implications of living abroad, and it's the fact that she won't be with us in family events and gatherings, perhaps we won't ever be complete. But such great joy when we will be, and that's something to look forward to.

Turning a year older is always a great blessing, no matter what age. Every year, I become more grateful for the people in my life and for the memories made. 


Here I am now, sitting on my bed and type typing away as I usually do. I plan to spend a lot of time with family and friends, clean my room, and prepare for year 2020 for these coming days. So far, I've been exercising again which is a big deal because I stopped when I got sick with coughs and colds some weeks ago. I definitely miss the endorphin rush. I also figured it's a MUST to exercise while the festivities are ongoing so I can sweat out all the food I eat hehe. I've also been catching up on my laundry, sorting out my clothes, wrapping Christmas presents for dear loved ones, and taking long naps. I am reveling in all these simple joys! I will be writing a lot more, so please look forward to hearing more from me until the new year rolls in, dear reader. : - )



  1. ohmy that friend knocking at your door on your birthday is so sweet! i really love how simple you celebrated your birthday. i also remember how i wanted to celebrate my birthday with friends on some fancy staycation, but now, i don't think i'm wanting the same! celebrating with my family is now my top priority. happy birthday, Anna! <3

    1. Family first, always. Even if sometimes we could be wishing differently, family should indeed be top priority. Thank you, Mariz! :)

  2. Happy belated birthday and merry Christmas! Your birthday was so simple and sweet! Hope you have a great new year! :)

    1. Thank you Epsita, and Merry Christmas to you as well :) Likewise, I hope we both have a great new year ahead!