Favorite Podcast Episodes Lately #4

Monday, October 21, 2019

What's a girl to do when she's stuck in traffic? She listens to even more podcasts, then shares her insights on her blog over the weekend. : - )

Hidden Brain: You Can't Hit Unsend 

This podcast tells about the story of a young man who lost his opportunity to study at one of the world's prestigious universities. It was all because of a meme he created which offended many, yet that was far from his intentions. This podcast somehow made me feel for the young protagonist, because he never knew that one mistake would cost him the opportunity of a lifetime, yet he learned his lesson the hard way and still carried on despite living with the consequences of his actions.

Guys, We Have A Problem: How American Masculinity Creates Lonely Men

There's always that notion that men are emotionally distant. This podcast however talks about how this isn't the case back then when men were still young boys. Often it's during this age when they're able to express themselves more, and then it's when they're starting grow up and being exposed to societal expectations that there comes a shift in mindset that perhaps some thoughts and feelings are better to be kept than to be expressed. As the boys grow older, they learn to control much of their feelings, then later on in life would turn to their life partner to whom they share a great deal of emotional intimacy with. It's quite an interesting podcast as it covers decades of study on the behavior of adolescent boys.

I'm reminded that even though this pertains to masculinity and men, it can apply to anyone. It's okay to ask for help, it's okay to be open about how we feel and to process them with a good friend, because these are definitely not signs of weakness. It's a part of helping ourselves.

How Craving Attention Makes You Less Creative | Joseph Gordon-Levitt

It's been a while back since I heard this podcast episode, but one thing that stuck with me was that in our desire to be liked and validated, we lost the art of listening and paying close attention towards ways we can be inspired and become more motivated. Okay, I'll be honest that this is all that I remembered, but do give this podcast a try!

Life Kit: All Guides - How To Get The Best From Your Doctor 

I admit that I'm not used to going to the doctor. I only learned when I started having my annual physical examination as a requirement from my company. I wish I heard this podcast earlier, because I honestly didn't know how to make the most out of my doctor appointments. Sure, I had questions to ask, but I wasn't sure if I was getting into the meat of things. Considering how expensive consultation fees can be, it's always good to be prepared. For me personally it's easy to get overwhelmed since there's someone who's spent most of their lives studying and possessing so much knowledge about the inner workings of the physical body, sitting right in front of you. Hope these tips can be helpful for your next doctor's appointment.

Modern Love: The Night Girl Finds A Day Boy

My colleague at work recommended Modern Love to me. These are love stories in the form of essays in which a known personality reads them. I particularly liked this episode because it seemed much like something that came out from a movie. The girl was born with a condition wherein she is most alive and functioning at night. She's lived her life this way the entire time, a life where she works all night then sleeps all day. I enjoyed listening to it because it's an unconventional relationship between two people who were so willing to adjust for one another just to make things work out. Of course this is important in every relationship, but in this case, they knew from the beginning that it would be a challenge. Her breakfast time was his dinner time, she liked stargazing and he loved to soak up the sun while on the beach. It's as if they're trapped in different time zones, struggling to meet in the middle, and when they do, they cherish every waking moment of it.
We talked about starlight, how it had begun its journey thousands of years ago and we were looking back in time. I thought how in a sense that’s always true: My now is not the same as his and never will be. There’s always a delay, each of us living in the immediate past of the other, regardless of how tightly he wrapped his arms around my waist. We are all trapped in our own time zones. The best we can do is try to meet in an imaginary middle.
Such a lovely essay this was :") I wanted to share with you because it warmed my heart. Hope it does the same to yours. You can read the full essay here.

Listen to podcasts by downloading the Google Podcasts app! : - ) or actually in any platform where you listen to them.

Dear reader, how are you this weekend? Lately, I just want to be more open to experiences. To great and good ones, even if it may turn out badly; there's always something new to learn from situations and people, and that's what keeps me going.

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    1. Thanks Rasya, hope this list will help you in finding something you'll love listening to as well! :)

  2. These are great recommendations! I'm always listening to blogging and marketing podcasts, so the ones that don't have anything to do with business sound like such a great escape.

    Dee ~ Vanilla Papers

    1. Hello Dee! These can be a good break for business podcasts, indeed. Hope you find something you'll enjoy listening to. Thanks for dropping by ♡♡

  3. It is good that you're filling your time with some podcasts when you're stuck in traffic. Though, being stuck in traffic isn't good. Oh man, talk about actions having consequences. In the world we live in today, word gets spread out really quick. It is interesting that when you look for validation, you become less motivated. I always feel like I don't go to the doctor enough for preventative measures. You should check out Asian Boss Girl!

    Nancy ♥ exquisitely.me

    1. Sadly traffic is part of life here in Manila :( I don't think it will get better any time soon. I'll make sure to check out Asian Boss Girl! :) Sounds like a motivating podcast.