My Weekend To-Be List

Saturday, September 14, 2019

There are weekends when I worry about not being productive enough. But then I'm also reminded that before even becoming more productive, what's more important is to simply do what you can or what your mind and body can allow you to do.

These weekends lately though, I figured the following proved helpful for me. It's not much of the doing, but more of the becoming. Perhaps it's with me becoming lighter, grateful, more aware, and allowing myself to fully rest, that I'm able to get back on track with life.

To Be Lighter

Activities that help me to be lighter would be those that involve cleaning or simply moving around. For me, this can be laundry. I feel so satisfied every time I'm able to wash my clothes. I've also been cleaning both my room and closet, because it relaxes me somehow. Just the act of rearranging my things or choosing which items to discard can help me clear my head, and at the end living in a cleaner space is always a great thing.

Also, moving around, noticing all the tiny details which makes life as it is, seeing the sun, feeling the warmth of the sun on your skin, we all live for the Light!!

To Be Resourceful and Creative

Then after cleaning everything out, go thrifting. Somehow a rule for me is that when I buy new clothes, I then take some out. Or if I took some out, then that's the only time I'll let myself buy new clothes. This way, I won't overload my closet, because most of the time I only wear my favorite pieces anyway.

Thrifting though, it does wonders to my mood. It's also great whenever I get to score awesome finds, because it really does take a lot of time and effort to go through each rack and find something I like and I know I'll be able to match with the rest of my staple pieces. Thrifting challenges you in many ways, and I think it's one of the best things to do whenever you're stuck in a rut. It makes you more creative and it's the most affordable way to reinvent your style.

Another!! Way to be creative for me this weekend is to think of activities I would enjoy doing with my parents. For today, it was cooking with my mom. We've been cooking for almost every weekend, and I love it. Today, we cooked Kare Kare! (stew)

To Be Grateful

Grateful for times well spent in hole in the wall restaurants and even trips abroad together with loved ones. I love to write all the tiny details of my trips which is why I seem to have a lot of entries on my travels. I'm in no way a travel blogger nor do I travel frequently. I have an 8-5 job that simply allows me to grow and develop professionally, save up, and have time for my hobbies. I write because I want to remember; I write because I want to make meaning out of every experience I had. Writing about a trip makes me feel nostalgic for the time I spent there. Travelling is fleeting, but an experience that I'm grateful to have at this age, so no matter how short or how long my time spent was in a certain place, I'll always choose to be grateful.

To Be Fully Rested

I'm always guilty with choosing to sleep instead of being productive. It's only now that I'm starting to convince myself that sleeping will also energize me to become more productive! The thing is though, my naps usually last from 2-4 hours. Now as a young adult, I'm still trying to grasp how I can nap this long, but that's just the way my body works now in my 20s. And so I've learned I need to reward it whenever I can, especially on weekends. Rest is a beautiful thing, a wonderful opportunity, so I must take it.

Dear reader, I hope you're well. I hope you take care of yourself! Thank you for taking time to read.

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  1. i totally love this post! i greatly needed this! this weekend, i've been feeling guilty for being not that productive. i am too lazy to even touch my laundry but i have cleaned my entire room just to make up with it. i feel refreshed and i am planning to work on my laundry some time later before this day ends. also, i haven't went thrifting for a while now, nor have i bought new pieces of clothes, but i might give it a try next weekend. thanks for sharing this list! i'm definitely bookmarking this so i can go back anytime. =)

    1. Thank youu Mariz! I read yours too hehe <3 hope you get to thrift this weekend, definitely! Then share to us about your finds ;)