The Internet Can Wait

Wednesday, August 7, 2019

I have this habit of posting late, or posting everything after it's all done. I even write about some things that have happened way way back. And I think that's okay. I like having time to ruminate. As much as I want to capture special moments in my life, the sharing part can wait. Or sometimes I don't even need to share it. I guess that's why I suck at updating social media sometimes.

I first learned this valuable habit when my sister told me during our time in London that I didn't have to post all my photos right away. "You're too busy with life to do that. Just enjoy where you are, and where you are is with us.". And thus, I did not post anything during the first 5 days of the trip.

Of course silly me had thoughts of: "What would the people back at work think?", but the truth is, no one cares. Okay, that sounded a bit harsh, but it's a nice thought to ponder upon. And I'm saying that this applies in general, just not the people back at work. Everyone is so busy with their own lives, that would they really spare a minute to think of what you're doing, where you are, and who you're with?

I suddenly felt like it's somewhat kind of selfish, to think about what others think, because it all leads to the self once again. How do others view me? What would they think of me? What if they're wondering if I'm still alive.

But then there might be more important questions to ask yourself. And some I wanted to answer too! I'll relate this with my Vietnam trip last April, because it's my most recent trip abroad.

What inspired you?

All the yellow from my Saigon trip inspired me, and made me appreciate the color yellow more.

What new thing did you learn?

Crossing the streets wasn't so bad. I thought I was going to die multiple times, but I survived. If there's one thing people should know about crossing the streets in Vietnam, it's that the motorcyclists know what they're doing. And of course they won't run you over. Hopefully. 

What was the funniest moment?

Definitely when my friend and I were trying to figure out the menu. I had to install the Google Translate App, all the while there was a kind uncle observing us and letting us figure it out by ourselves... until we could no longer do it and he had to step in. Full story here, if you haven't read it yet! 

I hate to admit it, but sometimes the excitement I feel when I'm in a new place stems from the fact that I need to take as much photos as I can so I can post a lot after. I don't think I'm alone in this thinking. Which is why, I'm challenging myself to be more mindful, to be more present. To share after everything's done, because most of the time, the most memorable experiences can happen even without the camera. Sometimes I even want to just do away with it entirely, to not post at all while I'm on vacation! 

The internet can wait, but life definitely won't. I don't think it should only be when we're traveling that we realize this. It can be when we're spending time with friends and we forget to take that damn selfie. Or we're eating a great meal with family, and realize at the end we didn't take any photos of the food. Does it matter? You enjoyed, you made great memories, I think that's what matters most at the end of the day.

It also doesn't matter how early or late you share. It's your story to tell, so tell it anytime you want to.


Happy Wednesday!! I hope this week is going great for you so far, dear reader.

First photo is from Liana Mikah from Unsplash.



  1. So true! Amazing photos <3

  2. i really love the lesson that you have imparted in this post. i find this really timely for me. i, myself, has some love-hate relationship when it comes to updating my social media with my whatabouts. there are days that i am too excited to upload my photos right away, then regret it later because i feel like i have overshared. idk, i am just uploading stuff but i really feel like i am oversharing if i do them in Facebook or Instagram. this is why most of my past posts are now archived, and i try not to post as often as i do before anymore. but just a few hours ago, i uploaded photos in Facebook that was from 2 years ago. those memories are just too precious for me not to share, although no one actually cares. but yknow those people ive shared those memories with are those i no longer see as often anymore, and i just thought that maybe they already forgot that those photos exist so i thought of uploading them. =)

    and oh, i really love this: "It also doesn't matter how early or late you share. It's your story to tell, so tell it anytime you want to."

    sincerely, riz

    1. Your story is one of the reasons why I am thankful for technology and cameras; that we're able to preserve such memories and be able to look back at them. This is a purposeful reason, way better than feeling like we have to share everything to the world just because. May we never lose the magic of the moment. <3 Thank you for your sentiments, Riz!

  3. "It also doesn't matter how early or late you share. It's your story to tell, so tell it anytime you want to."

    I totally agree. We need to do our thing at our own pace. Oh my, the pressure of social media. It's really unhealthy. Anyway, it was nice to read this eye-opener update. Thank you, Anna. x

    1. Truly, everything's so instant nowadays, that we forget to slow down and simply enjoy the moment. Thanks for reading, April! :)