Baking Banana Bread

Sunday, August 11, 2019

I baked banana bread for the first time. We don't have an oven at home, but we do have a turbo broiler! My mom and I finally decided to try baking with it. 

Hi how are you? It's the long weekend. I'm absolutely grateful for this chance to take a rest. It's also a chance for me to try out a couple of new things, and to also get back to things I love doing most.

I've always wanted to get into baking since I was a child, although I thought it was impossible because we had no oven. Until now, we don't have one! It's only now though that my mom and I thought of using the turbo broiler, which we usually use just for cooking chicken.

I can tell you however, that the results were great! It's exactly what I've loved about a good banana bread: it's sweet, moist, and chewy enough. It was also my first time eating it warm. We had to experiment with the temperature and length of time we were going to have it heated. It took a couple of tries (around 4 times to be exact) to get the texture we wanted. While warm, the outside was a bit crunchy while the inside was chewy!! So good. My mom refrigerated it now, and it's been my snack for my this long weekend. How I wish I could share with you right now, dear reader. :")

I cut them into these small pieces! 

Since the start of this year, I've honestly been trying my hand at cooking and baking. I've cooked before during my college days. The dishes I made would consist mostly of chicken meals, pasta, pancakes... for the record, I didn't cook canned goods. Okay, maybe I did cook canned tuna. But that's all. But then this year, I figured it would be great for me to learn how to finally cook. For myself hehe. Also, I wanted to get rid of that fear of knives and sharp tools. So every weekend when there's time, I help my mom with chopping vegetables. If I have no plans at all for the day, we decide on a dish we'll cook together. 

Whenever I tell people about my interest in cooking, they always comment on how it's a useful skill for when you have a family already. To be honest, I haven't thought so far into the future about that yet. Heck, find me a boyfriend first please. Or not. But with mouths to feed or not, I want to feed myself first. I can't give what I don't have. 

The thing with cooking is that it's really experimental. It kind of makes me nervous a bit, because I like to follow things by the book. Baking however, you truly have to follow the measurements, which is what I like. Except for the fractions, perhaps. I've completely forgotten all about them. My mom told me: "The measurements are there for a reason so we have to be exact and precise." 

If you're interested, here's the recipe:

Here's what I did to achieve this awesome-tasting banana bread! I'm no cooking/baking guru, so I'm just simply laying out what I did. 

  1. Mix all dry ingredients in a bowl. Make sure to follow the measurements.
  2. Mix all wet ingredients together with the dry ingredients. 
  3. After mixing everything, pour it all on casserole (which should fit the turbo broiler)
  4. Pre-heat the oven for 10 minutes under 150 - 170 degrees celsius. I chose 150. 
  5. After pre-heating, place the casserole inside. Set the temperature to 150, then let it heat for 1 hour or until you achieve the desired texture of your banana bread. 

I'm thinking of baking cookies next. It will be my second attempt, from when I tried baking with my high school friends (they turned out too crispy.. but good with vanilla ice cream hehe). 

Sharing some rad playlists I found on Youtube!

Indie / Bedroom / Pop / Surf Rock - 24/7 Radio - Nice Guys Chill FM
when you hold me closer,i forget about everything. - I've been listening to Mac Ayres a lot this month! His voice is lovely.

Also some vlogs I enjoyed watching:

Cruising Greece // CatCreature - watching this vlog made me excited for my next trip with family.
taking myself on a date - so many relatable truths here. As much as I love spending time with other people, I also very much love spending time with myself.

Should I just go on ahead and write a Favorites post? Maybe soon..

Dear reader, how are you? I hope you're doing great. :)



  1. Mmm, looks yummy! I've never eaten banana bread but I heard from a lot of people that it's great. I must try it one day! Thanks for sharing the recipe :)

    To be honest, I'm not so into baking yet, too. I've baked cookies by myself only one time in my life and that was two years ago, hahah. I really want to cook and bake more! Hope we both get a lot of time to do that soon! <3

    1. It's really good, Ann! :) indeed you must try it some day. You can also make one on your own; it's fun and easy to make!

      I want to bake cookies too! I'm excited to see what you come up with <3

  2. I LOVE banana bread, I'm always letting my bananas go spotty so I can bake another loaf. This look amazing!

    Evie x |

    1. I like that! Spotty bananas make it great <3 and thank you!!

  3. Looks amazing, Anna! Weirdly I've never liked eating bananas on their own, but I've always loved banana bread haha.

    That's awesome that you're getting into cooking, by the way! When I first started I also preferred to do things by the book, but after awhile it gets easier. These days, I feel a lot more confident relying on my instincts and not using a recipe :)

    Mani |

    1. Thanks, Mani!! :) I eat banana almost everyday haha. I used to think they had a weird taste back when I was still a child, but I just got used to it because we have an abundance of it here where I live.

      I want to arrive at that level where you are; simply relying on instincts. I think I will get there in due time, all it takes is practice. <3

  4. The outcome looks delish! I've learned to like banana bread (sometimes with choco bits or nuts) and this made me crave for one. Looking forward to taste what you baked in the future!<3 Continue learning and loving the process of cooking/baking!

    1. Hohoho it is indeed very delish ; - ) <3 I'm not a big fan of nuts, so we didn't put any; it's just your plain ole simply banana bread we all know and love!