Playlist: I Cry July

Sunday, July 7, 2019

My colleague gave me the idea for the title of this playlist.

I Cry July because I've been listening to a lot of sad songs lately. Don't get me wrong, I can tell you that I am happy, and grateful for many things. Sad songs though, they help me feel a variety of emotions, which is good too.

I Cry July also can be because it's been raining a lot lately. The weather has been quite erratic; the sun would shine so bright, then a heavy downpour comes out of nowhere. The sun comes out, then hides again. It's as if the sky can't make up its mind.

I Cry July, simply because it rhymes. I also acknowledge that I've been in touch with my feelings lately. I take this as a good thing, because I've always suppressed what I really feel. I realized how this backfires on me almost all the time, so it's always really just better to be honest and come clean with how I feel. Nevermind if I think it might bother the person in front of me; things get better once it's all out there.

Other reminders for myself, and possibly for you, too - - -

Take lots of deep breaths
I realized how we often overlook our breathing, obviously because it's something we don't really think about since it's a automatic bodily response to keep us alive. It was a random thought while watching the sunrise a few weekends ago, that I needed to listen to my body. I took many deep breaths, and felt better, clearer, lighter. Surely, the sun was rising in front of me, and I think I needed that quiet moment just to realize how important deep breathing is for me.

Say "Thank you" more often
Sometimes it's not enough to think deep inside yourself that you're grateful. It's also great when you're able to let the person know by telling them. Verbalizing what you feel benefits both you and the receiver of your words, because there's that certain connection established, even just for a few seconds. The fact that you let the person know you're thankful, that you appreciate them, already speaks volumes for them. Share the good vibes!

It's okay to ask for help 
This is hard for me to learn, but I am learning. I like to do things on my own, but then there's the danger of burning out easily. The thing is, I never knew how people are actually willing to help, until I asked. I'm now getting used to it though, and I also think of ways to let them know how their help as improved me. I recommend this podcast on How to Ask For Help , It's the kind of podcast that would make you feel more comfortable with asking for help, and would also push you to take action!

Make plans
I probably wrote about this in one of my previous blog entries, but I can tell you that this holds so true for me. Making plans prevent me from spending too much time in the office because I'm conscious that a friend is waiting for me, so I'm forced to work smart and to plan my tasks carefully. Making plans allow me to have something to look forward to; it gets me excited and motivated. I've been filling up my weekends with family and friends, since I realized that my weekends should be put to good use.


Anyway!! I will continue to write soon to you, dear reader. For now, here's the playlist you can listen to. It's not all sad songs after all, I think:

I will continue to add more songs from time to time, please look forward to it! : - )

How are you? What song has been on repeat for you lately? I'd love to hear it too. ♡♡♡



  1. I love listening to sad songs (esp. Korean songs that has sad melodies) even though I'm not really sad. I just like how it gives me influx of emotions. Anyway, the weather lately is just so weird. One moment it's super hot and then it's pouring next. It's crazy.

    Currently listening: In my head - Peter Manos

    1. Aw sad Korean songs are extra sad for me! But it's calming too.
      I know how you feel about the weather, but whether it pours or not, it's still hot!
      Thanks for the song recommendation <3!!! it sounds really chill

  2. I love this! I found this song you might like //

    I know that's not you- Kayou.

    1. Aww thank you for sharing, Vanessa! :") I'm saving it together with my rainy day songs

  3. Love this because I've been in a similar mood lately & I'm excited to try these songs! ♡