I Left My Heart In Liverpool, England

Saturday, April 13, 2019

My parents are big fans of The Beatles, so Liverpool was definitely part of our itinerary! Until now I still cannot pronounce Liverpool well enough. LiverPPPPule???? ok I give up.

Here we are, outside The Beatles museum!! Ahhhhh okay. I have to say, I'm also a fan but admittedly, I didn't know much about them as individuals. Maybe just at a high level. I grew to love their songs after hearing them over and over again being sung by my parents every time we would go out for videoke sessions.

I love their songs, because they're easily relatable and catchy. Every time I hear their songs it feels like I've known it from way back then, as if they're timeless. You know how there are some songs that stays with you for a long time and you know you won't grow out of them? The Beatles is one of them.


I remember I had a similar photo like this one wherein my friends and I were all seated in one table, and I was bored so gathered their glasses and wore them just like how John did in this photo. Heh!

The place was filled with their photographs, videos, items, old posters, etc. They also featured each album they produced, the stories behind them, and then eventually we came to a space wherein the stories of each band member were featured after they disbanded. I'm glad they were able to write songs as much as they could during their peak. I can also imagine just how much joy they brought to people across the globe.

I enjoyed it very much, and I'm sure my parents did as well, considering that they've witnessed them in their televisions and heard much of them over the radio. Now, whenever we listen to their songs together, we have a lot to look back at. It's a precious memory, I'm glad I'm able to write about this.

Moving on! We took the Magical Mystery Ride Tour. We were unsure at first whether we would push through with it after going around the museum, but we did so anyway since we were already there.

Paul's signature. He was here a week before we went. : " ) I cried inside when I watched Paul's Carpool Kareoke video on Facebook after the tour. Our guide was actually the one who told us about it. So of course, allow me to have a fangirling moment over here.

We went around Penny Lane street, and I was crying inside because it was just like how the Penny Lane song went, mentioning all these places.

I'm probably late to the party, but it was only during this tour that I learned about Strawberry Fields. That the song wasn't about a field of strawberries at all, but of a Salvation Army-ran girl’s orphanage that John would frequently visit to play in the gardens.

Afterwards, we headed to the Liverpool Museum.

Yoko's song for John. 

The museum covered the city's history, plus a space at the top most level dedicated to John and Yoko.

Then, we decided to walk around for the rest of the day. We went to the Royal Albert Dock, a UNESCO World Heritage Site for being one of the pioneers in trading.

It was a lovely time, walking and seeing families around. During this day I think there was some kind of cheering competition the kids participated in. I didn't take their photos though, as I learned from my sister upon landing here in the UK that children cannot have their photos taken without consent (so if ever you accidentally took a photo and a kid's face is shown, you have to hide it/put a sticker hehe).

It was quite chilly, considering that we were surrounded by bodies of water.

Fancy a lock to commemorate your visit? : - )

I took this photo of the Liverpool eye while we sat on a bench to eat lunch.


Overall, Liverpool was awesome! I wanted to visit the cathedral, as it was HUGE! but we had a train to catch back to Leeds. My sister did get to see it though, a few months after. So Jelly. There are actually a lot more things to see and do around Liverpool. I think I would definitely love to go back here given the chance. 

And I'm off to a lovely trip with my friend tomorrow. I'll be very active on my Hello Anna Jo Instagram, do follow along if you haven't yet. I can't wait to write to you again soon!

Thank you for dropping by, dear reader. I hope you are cozy and warm, wherever you are.



  1. Ohhh, this brings me back to my own trip! I think it was almost 2 years ago now - how crazy, how time flies! I absolutely love The Beatles so I was basically like you in that pic fangirling over /everything/!
    Also, let me definitely follow you on Instagram as well! xx

    1. Hello Louise!! I enjoyed Liverpool mainly because of The Beatles, but I'd love to spend more days just getting to know the place too. Next time!

      Thanks for the follow ♡♡

  2. Loving these photos, Jo :) Looks like you guys had a great time in Liverpool! I love the how the streets seem to have an old school feel to them.

    Mani / http://eatyourteacup.co

    1. Thank you Mani!! Old school sounds just about right with describing how the place feels ♡ Penny Lane brought tears to my eyes definitely!

  3. I hadn't thought much about going to Liverpool before, but you make it look so fun. I'll definitely have to try to go sometime!

    1. Hi Hannah! There's definitely lots of things to see and do in Liverpool, I'm excited for you. Hope you get to go sometime!!