The Stuff Of Life

Sunday, March 17, 2019

The week brings us all sorts of things; things to worry about, to get excited about, laugh about, cry about. And then comes the weekend. No alarms, no expectations.


I woke up feeling a bit tired despite sleeping early the night before. But I knew I had to be up and about, because too much sleep would be bad for me as well. I did my usual things in the morning, and also got to have breakfast with parents. We talked about how people are always so glued to their screens nowadays, so I took this opportunity to tell them: "So that means I need to go out more, huh?" : - ) Haha.

After breakfast, I was off to the mall to meet up with a good friend. But before that though, I went an hour early so I could just walk around and go to the bookstores.

It used to be a habit of mine, just walking around the bookstores, and looking at titles. I would read the summary of a book that caught my attention, and then place it back on the shelf.

One fun fact is that I prefer reading books by those that have already gone before us, except for Haruki Murakami because he is still alive. I love to read their thoughts, their writing styles, and the kind of problems they faced during their time. I'd like to think their minds are different from ours right now.

Surprisingly enough, I also picked up some books on management, AI, and business processes.... a section of the bookstore I never saw myself hanging out in. Times have changed, and my interests are shifting as well.

After an hour or so, I finally met up with my friend and we headed out to Makati city, where we both work. It was actually nice to go there without work in mind. We were simply there to spend the afternoon together, to explore, and see what we fail to see on regular weekdays.

I got to go to Legaspi park for the first time. Ayala Triangle whut?? This park is a real park. And I so wish we had more green spaces around here.

I liked the colors of this bark. I'm going to have to paint it some time.

 For the rest of the day, we basically ate pad thai then went thrift shopping the entire afternoon.

This is my second pad thai in my life haha! My first pad thai was on a layover flight in the Suvarnabhumi airport. We missed our flight, so we were scheduled for the next flight back to the Philippines. It was a bummer, but at least I got my first taste of pad thai in Thailand.... in their airport. So that should count, right?

We then went home. It was a simple day of seeing a quieter side of Makati, thrift store hopping, and eating pad thai. My friend shared to me her sentiment about enjoying the mundane. I agree with her, that the mundane is indeed the stuff of life.


Sunday was church, then groceries, then laundry. Then planning an itinerary for an upcoming trip next month. :") Exciting times. It's nice to have something to look forward to amidst all the changes and the hustles and bustles of life.


So that's me this weekend. I know it's nothing extravagant or grand, but I absolutely love recounting it all, every activity, every thought or feeling. Thank you for reading.

How was your weekend? : - )



  1. My boyfriend is the same about bookstores. Even though he doesn't buy anything, he still enjoys looking through the book selections. Glad you enjoyed your time with your friend! I can totally relate to waiting until the end of the day to take off that extra glowing makeup look, hehe. Have a great weekend!

    Nancy ♥

    1. It's fun to look at titles and summaries at the back of books; they somehow inspire me to write more :) right, good makeup is always hard to part with!!!