More Time For

Sunday, March 31, 2019

A list of things I can have more time for when I'm not holding my phone or spending hours in front of my laptop. Featuring a wall clock I bought from a Japan surplus shop hehe!

This blog entry was inspired by my commitment to spending less time on social media. It's more of a health reason, really. I had my eyes checked recently. Apparently my astigmatism increased once again in a span of a few months. It made me seriously consider my habits, because anything eye-related gives me a bit of anxiety. I can say I'm pretty visual person; I love seeing colors, nature, and beauty around me, and whenever my eye grade increases, it makes me sad.

So I'm committing to spending less time on the computer and on my phone, since my line of work already involves spending a lot of time in front of the computer type typing away. My current set up is:

  • Take 10 minute breaks every hour at work.
  • No phone time while commuting. I need to take that time to rest my eyes. I usually put on my earphones and listen to podcasts or music.
  • Only 1 hour of laptop time when I get home from work, if and only if it's necessary, or none at all. 
  • Do other stuff on weekends and not spend time with my laptop.

And so since I have less time for my gadgets, I have more time for:
  • Observing other people while on the commute, and seeing how their eyes are so glued on their phones. It's not new, but gone were the days when we just looked on our phones when we needed to send a text or make a call. It was simple back then; people talked more, and  conversations weren't so hard to start because there was something to talk about which went beyond what they saw on Instagram stories or on their Facebook timeline. 
  • Real hobbies that involve creating something with my own two hands. I was able to buy gouache paints recently, and I was pretty excited to try it out. I've always worked with watercolors and acrylics, so gouache is something new for me. Not that it's different, just that I realized I needed to balance the need for water and paint. I'm excited though to share on here what I was able to make!
  • Being more efficient with how I use my computer time. I only have 1 hour, so I won't be tempted to mindlessly scroll through my feed. I need to have an agenda, a reason why I'm on my laptop. Most of the time, it's because I want to write, I want to share with you dear reader how life has been. And I know it's not out of obligation, or because I just want to keep this space alive, but because I know I have collected a couple more life experiences worth writing and sharing about. : - ) 
  • Playing with words and stories inside my head. A few weekends ago, I spent an afternoon in a coffee shop and finished writing a short story which then was published in our office's newsletter. I don't remember the last time I sat down in a cafe and just wrote my afternoon away with pen and paper, but it felt satisfying.
  • Sleeping earlier than 10PM. I went through days wherein my eyes were so tired... and it hurt my head, I wanted to sleep as soon as I got home. And you know what, it did wonders for me the next morning. I wasn't so tired, and I was prepared for the next long day of work. At first I felt bad I'm not able to do more after coming home. But it also led me to ask myself, what do I want to do in the first place? Is it my tendency of wanting to be busy and making the most out of my time that itches and bothers me? I realized, I needed to get used to giving myself rest. 
  • Prioritizing chores, and consciously learning the ropes of adulting as early as now. I still live with my parents, but I do my part with cleaning, laundry, and cooking (with mother because she's quite firm with the kinds of ingredients used huhu). Chores are now the first thing that comes to mind because I have that nagging feeling that they need to be done now. Then also for the adulting part, I'm branching out and reaching out to people who are knowledgeable about finances. I figured while it's good to have savings, it's also good to have my money work hard while I do the same. 

Overall, I feel more inspired. I have more ideas. I feel a more genuine connection whenever I meet up with people. Because I don't know what they did last night or what they went through last week, because their Instagram stories have expired and I did not get the chance to take a glimpse of it. I still do post from time to time, but I was never a big oversharer anyway and keep most things to a minimum. 


Dear reader, thank you for your time in reading this. The first quarter of the year has come to an end, and we welcome April tomorrow. It's getting warmer here, where I'm from. 

What have you had more time for, and what would you like to make more time for? 



  1. I'm in the same boat and need to stop spending so much time online! It's a bit hard since social media is literally my job, but when I do log off I always feel so much better. I feel like the internet steals away so much time from my other hobbies, like painting, reading, baking... I think it also makes me less creative, because my brain becomes flooded with so much content from other people.

    Like you said, when you log off meeting up with people feels so much more genuine! After all, when you share everything on social media there's not much to talk about in real life.

    1. It really is a struggle now to set aside social media for our actual hobbies!! But the feeling after creating something is all worth it at the end of the day.

      And I agree with you, it's so nice to catch up and be genuinely excited to hear from the other person ♡♡

  2. The first thing I thought when I saw your post was how cute the wall clock is, haha! Pretty good find!

    I get what you mean re: eye anxiety. My grade is around 3.75/4.25 now. Last time we were in Palawan I couldn't see the corals unless I wore contacts, so I had to keep my goggles on the whole time. Such a pain. Take care of your eyes so you don't end up like me huhu.

    I think it's a common thing to think how times used to be simpler back then, but 15 or so years ago I was actually already a person of the internet, hehe. I didn't have friends outside of school (and even then I only had a handful of friend-friends), so I spent a ton of time on the internet. I was already blogging then, but it was mostly just ranting about life as a teenager, hah. Even now I only ever get to talk to friends online, since I stay at home all the time. I have social anxiety so I can't talk on the phone, so going online is the best way for me to talk to them. I hate Facebook though. That place is the worst, lol. I've deleted the mobile app and only check my messenger every now and then.

    1. Japan Surplus always has nice things actually, if you spend time to look around!!

      Oh man, that's the sad part really. I wasn't able to see corals last time I went to the beach because I knew my eye grade wouldn't allow it so I didn't bother getting off the boat. : - ( I've never worn contacts eh, and I don't ever want hahaha because I don't want to touch my eyes.

      Ahhh I have been an internet person pretty much too since my teens. I used to be very active in Livejournal way back then. I had online friends as well before, and still keep up with them through Instagram. Thank God we didn't lose connection! I guess this also explains why my eye grade is high; I didn't go out much before, not until my final years in high school. Facebook is a time-sucker, I don't spend much time on there at all lol! Thank you for sharing this with me though, I really appreciate it ♡♡ I actually hope we can meet someday, I feel like we're just within the vicinity hahaha (BF area)