I Was Supposed to Stay In this Weekend / / Seeing Two Door Cinema Club

Sunday, March 10, 2019

I was supposed to stay in this weekend, but spontaneous decisions were made. 


I had a week of going home late due to a couple of transitions happening at work. I was convinced that I would be staying at home for the weekend since I just felt so dead tired, and I needed more sleep. On that same weekend though, I knew that Wanderland Music festival was happening as well, and Two Door Cinema Club was going to be there.

I ended up going with my high school friends at night. It was a very last minute decision, but it was near where we lived, and it was our favorite band from way back in college, we had to go.

And I am back in room 1119. I am studying for exams together with my high school friends turned college roommates, Two Door Cinema Club on repeat, wishfully thinking we'd get to see them live together. A couple of years later, we get to see them up front, but now as young adults pursuing different paths. My absolute favorite from all their songs ( well I actually love all their songs ) is Next Year, and hearing them sing it live was amazing. My month has been made.

There was also Honne before TDCC. And they were fantastic as well!

We need to get away
We don’t need no stress
We don’t need no stress

It was fun to sing and dance along majority of the time, and it helped that the songs were close to my heart; the added nostalgia made it even more memorable.


I DID get to stay in on Sunday, and it was a pleasant time.
  • Eating my favorite noodles for breakfast because an uncle at church brought a big bowl of it for everyone to share! I ate them with rice. So Asian. 
  • Taking a 4 hour nap.
  • Watching Cat Creature's vlog. I am a big fan of Annabelle. I admire her, for she is wise beyond her years. 
  • Cooking Ginataang Shrimp with mom.
  • Free writing on my journal. 
Now that I think about it, both days were great ways to recharge. :") turns out I did get to stay in, but I also got to stay out with great music and company.


I initially thought I would be a hermit this weekend because I've stayed out late this whole week. I've been leaving the office later than I usually would, so I can finish my work. Strangely enough, I've grown to love my late night commutes home. I'm tired, but the time spent in transit is enough for me to ruminate. About many things, perhaps. 

I'm thankful though, for many things yet again. I guess for someone like me who still lives under her parents' roof, I'm thankful they are there to greet me home. I'm thankful for when they pick me up in the terminal when it's been a long day. I'm thankful for cooking over the weekend with mom, and going on walks with dad. I should buy them a little something this week after pay day comes. 

And then I'm thankful for my friends, because they're great conversationalists. They can turn my perspectives around, lighten my day, or even call me while I'm still at work and remind me that it's time to go home. While some have their way with words, there are some who are simply good with taking me out to have a good time. Or they recommend you songs and films to watch, to remind you of the things you love, the things that makes life worth living. 

But most of all, I'm thankful to God for allowing me to have these relationships in this life. For the seasons of life, for holding me through all of it, for maturing me to become the woman he calls me to be. To deny myself and to live in humility, thinking of others genuinely all because He has given me a gentle spirit that enables me to think, speak, and do.

Then here you are, dear reader. Thank you for being here. I hope you enjoy the rest of your Sunday!



  1. This is the sweetest post! I love this little glimpse into your weekend. Two Door Cinema Club is the absolute best and that is amazing that you got to see them live! I've never seen them but I bet they were stellar. :) I love great recharging weekends, especially Sundays. I hope you are having a wonderful week!! <3

    1. They were absolutely amazing! <3 Weekends are a great breather, indeed. I realize I am replying to this on a Saturday, so I hope you're having a great weekend :")