An Afternoon with Acrylic

Saturday, March 2, 2019

Before my acrylic tubes dry out entirely, I whipped out my Moleskine sketchbook and painted the afternoon away last Monday, since it was a holiday.

I've had my acrylics since... high school? Wow. That's a long time, but thankfully they still work. I've stuck with watercolors for a long time. I like how watercolor produces the soft and fluid style that's always lovely to look at. It also feels just like pushing water along the surface the entire time.

But with acrylic, it doesn't need much water, and it's much more solid. What I like about it is that the strokes are visible and you can mix and blend colors on top of each other and the result is just as fascinating. It dries faster, too.

Here are some leaves that were inspired from when I was on my way to work one time. I decided I should pass by the park more often. I would then see fallen leaves, and was inspired by the colors. Summer is coming soon, definitely.

Of course, flowers. I'm getting used to, and having fun with layers. So I chose a bright yellow for the base. And painted some red blooms on top.

What we saw that day---

Gray sand
Cloudy skies
Momentary sun peeking through
The great ocean blue

Rolling hills from the English countryside; a scenery forever embedded into my mind. When I close my eyes, when I see it on tv, documentaries, photos, postcards, I'm nostalgic; it's part of me now.

I like blues and greens, though I realized I need to play with other colors too. Acrylic makes it easy for me,

in blending and creating, translating the stuff of the mind onto paper. I think this one's my favorite! I'm thinking I want to make a card of sorts out of this one, what do you think? : - )

Let me know which you like best ♡♡

It's March already. Out comes all the March goals, summaries, loves, favorites, and I enjoy reading them. Please feel free to leave your blog entry links for me to read!

Hope you're having a wonderful weekend.



  1. It is so cool that you did some painting on a Moleskine notebook! I always liked painting even though I am bad at it, haha. I like how acrylic paint feels. You did a great job with your paintings! I really like how nature looks! Thanks for sharing :)!

    Nancy ♥

    1. My goal is to fill my Moleskine notebook with paintings like these :") nature will always be a great inspiration, and a subject I won't get tired of painting! Thanks for dropping by Nancy♡♡