Life After Work

Wednesday, February 20, 2019

Ice cream and Sunshine may just be what I needed.

So much has happened already this year, and I can only get even more excited for the things to come. It's Saturday, and it's lunch time. I had 11 hours of sleep last night. I don't really have any agenda today, so I'm finally able to breathe and have a good think through session through writing to you.

*Disclaimer: I started writing this last Saturday and only got to continue and finish it today! 

I've always wanted to get to know my readers better, so I'll be changing the way I write in a way, because I'm talking to you, dear reader. Life has been fast. I think when the new year came, that's when I posed a question to myself: what can I do? This is why I write a lot, and I try to take as much photos, even if they aren't the most flattering.

It scares me sometimes, but it challenges me at the same time. It makes me want to live life more, to make plans, to actually reach out, and to really make the most out of time. I know I've written about Time so many times!! throughout all of my blog entries. I hope you're not getting tired of my laments over it. But I'm going to keep talking about it anyway because we are creatures of time; we like to keep track, we like to have a sense of control, we like to know how long, the whens, the hows, it goes on. 

Then in the midst of all the business and daily grind, there's the coffee date, the awaited trip, the show you've been wanting to see, and all these seemingly small things and meetups that find their way through our schedules. We see that life is more bearable. I personally don't want to see them as escapes because it would mean I'm running away from my own reality, and I know that such things are temporary and time-bound; I'll just end up feeling disappointed. But I want to see them as a means to recharge, to gain new perspectives, and to better myself to face my own reality head on.

I want to share a few moments. The days go by and sometimes I forget how all the little things accumulate, and I'm simply grateful for them. I'm whipping out some photos from my camera roll, however random they may be, here goes!

I bought this one time after work. As much as I want to say it's for crafting, it's actually a storage box of sorts for my earrings. My collection is growing! Speaking of crafts... sad to say I'm no longer going to continue with crochet. My eyesight got kind of worse after a while. : - ( Oh well, time to look for something new to do, that doesn't include straining my eyes. 

This is my first Takoyaki fix for the year. I got it together with my colleague one time right after work. It was after our visit to a yarn store. It was a nice catch up after the 2 week long Christmas break. I really like this particular Takoyaki place, it holds a lot of memories somehow.

This one time my good friend and I took the bus going home together after work. The sky was really so beautiful, I have no other words to describe it. I'll always be in love with how the sun paints the sky. 

My friend and I shared this meal and ordered 2+ plates of sushi (didn't get to take a photo of those anymore because we devoured them quickly lol!). I remember this night because we talked so much about life, work, and future plans. These are the things I don't tire of talking about. 

My sister's birthday cake. It was the day right before Valentine's day, so there were heart-shaped stuff everywhere. My mom and I celebrated it with my sister on video call. My dad was in the province at this time, but we had a great time talking and catching up on how life is for my sis. 

I've been craving the ocean. I think I want this year to be a year that I get to see the sea more often. Quite ironic that I live in a country that is rich in both the sun and sea, but I don't really go to much beach trips. It's about to change though, this year as I try to take charge and make my own (responsible) decisions. 

@ LiwLiwa Zambales

Alas, I did go on a beach trip! I went with a good friend and a new group who I became acquainted with as well. I think the last time this happened was back in college.. and that was probably 2 years ago. It was a great time of getting to know each other, playing good music, enjoying the waves, and appreciating nature. We all thought we wouldn't see the sun set since it was cloudy, but we did see it in the end! 

I watched the orchestra with my colleague after work! It was a nice experience, mostly because I miss orchestra. During the show, I closed my eyes at some parts, just so I can focus entirely on the music. Then to my surprise, an hour and a half had breezed through. Just like that. I couldn't believe how it was possible, but I lost my sense of time entirely. 

Before the orchestra show, my colleague and I watched the sun set. I used to prefer the sunrise more than the sunset, but I'm increasingly liking sunsets more now. Maybe it's because I don't really see the sunrise as often. I loved this photo though, it's very calm, and I love the hues of the sky.

That one time I waited for my good friend at the park in front of my office building. I seem to have forgotten how nice it feels to take a walk not because I have to hurry to get to the office, nor is it because I need to get in line for the van going home, but because I just needed to take a break and take things into perspective. 

Top of mind, some other things that I enjoyed and loved:

  • Getting out of the office and seeing that the sun's still out!
  • Chicken wings and banana pudding with good friends after work.
  • Dinner at a good friend's house, and speaking words of truth to each other's seasons in life. 
  • Eating out in a curry place then sharing a slice of cheesecake after work.
  • Watching CatCreature's Vlogs while drying my hair in front of the electric fan.
  • Getting back into watching anime. See my Anilist!
  • Shopping for gifts for colleagues to congratulate them on to the next chapter of their lives. You must understand, my love language is not gifts at all, but I am learning. 
  • Bumping into a high school friend after so long and catching up.. even if you're both tired from work. 
  • Sleeping over with high school friends is always, always a good idea.
  • Listening to The Paper Kites. They've come a long way since Bloom. My favorite of theirs now is On The Train Ride Home. I always listen to it whenever I'm coming home late.

Wow, all after work plans and going out on time are the best after all. Haha!


As busy as we can get, I hope we don't forget to remember the small moments that make life beautiful, and to take our time in living in such moments. Always remember to drink lots of water, sleep enough, eat some fruit, and take care of yourself!

Thank you for reading, dear reader. How are you, and how's your year so far?



  1. I love seeing all these pictures Anna Jo, the Takoyaki looks absolutely DELICIOUS and it's honestly making me really hungry for some right now. The chocolate cake looks so cute and tiny! Happy Bday to your sis! :) Thank you for sharing a bit of your life with us :)

    1. It's my favorite Takoyaki! I can't wait to taste the real thing some day in Japan though :") Thank you thank you for dropping by! ♡♡

  2. It's so important to not think about fun things as an escape from daily life and I love your collection of these little moments! ♡

    1. It truly is. ;) These are but fleeting moments, but they should keep us going. And thank you for dropping by ♡♡

  3. i love the way you write, it's soothing (i know that's weird but idk how else should i describe it). i'm glad 2019 has been good to you so far. & i agree that we should never forget those small moments esp when life gets chaotic.

    Bee | Sincerely, Bee ♡.

    1. Aww thank you Bee :") I truly appreciate it. And it's always good to think of these small moments to keep us going through life ♡♡ hope you're having a lovely day!

  4. Oh man, I love those days when you can sleep in! Life flies by really fast, especially the older you get @___@. YES on wanting to reach out more! I know I always want to have some time to recharge after work. I mean things are not bad but we need time for ourselves.

    Mmmm, the takoyaki looks delicious!! Your sister's cake looks super sweet, hehe. It's great that you became acquainted with a new group of friends. Hope life continues to give you some exciting adventures!

    Nancy ♥

    1. Sleeping in is the absolute best after a tiring work week! Indeed, life FLIES. I'm only realizing this now.

      YES best Takoyaki nearest me. There were lots of heart shaped things everywhere since it was the day before Valentine's, so it was fitting to buy it haha! I hope life continues to give both of us great adventures as well ♡♡

  5. Reading this felt like talking to you. I really admire your dedication to put your heart into writing and being consistent with it. I have been and will always be a quiet fan from the sidelines who will wave my pink pompoms in the air for you. I am blessed to you see bloom and share your life lessons to people! Love you forever and always :*