On Staying Awake Daily Even When I'd Rather Be Sleeping

Monday, December 10, 2018

December is probably the busiest month of the year, and most times I'm not able to get the sleep I think I deserve. And by this, I mean that I'm not able to listen to my body well enough to know that I need to maintain sufficient hours of sleep.

I wake up usually around 5:30AM everyday, but I don't get out of bed until 6:00AM. There's always that thought in my head: I'll just sleep earlier later when I get back home. But that never happens. Instead I get stuck in traffic, I eat dinner late, I wash my hair and sit in front of the electric fan, and then distract myself with a plethora of other things to make myself feel more productive and to catch up with my hobbies.

I don't know about you, but work-life balance for me is having enough time to do the things that I love doing. And the thing is, it's a lot; I'm a hobbyist and I feel most alive when I'm doing these things. So really, it's a big blessing for me to be able to go home early and immerse myself in my favorite activities.

But anyway, waking up is a struggle for me only when I haven't gotten enough sleep. I have this tendency that whenever I don't want a certain day to end, I stay up later than usual, probably not take my make up of, and just find other things to do just so I won't have to go to sleep right away because doing so would mean that the day has ended.

But then I still have that innate sense of duty and responsibility that I have to be on time, I gotta be present wherever I'm needed! So I need to stay awake. Lately for me, what perks me up instantly is when I apply eyeliner on my eyelids. Not only does it make me look awake, but it also helps me feel awake. Of course this is because I need a certain level of alertness whenever I apply my eyeliner. I have to make sure I won't mess it up on the first try so I won't have to take it off then do it again and again. I also like going for the subtle look only, just enough to make myself look presentable. That's always my mindset.

On alertness, having eyeliner also helps me not touch my eyes throughout the day. I have this habit of scratching my eyes especially when I'm sleepy, so whenever I'm about to do that very act, I stop my hand midway and remind myself: guuurl you have eyeliner, don't touch your eyes!!! It's really helpful and hygienic.

Recently I was gifted an eyeliner product that I wanted to try out so much! I got it from our gift exchange with the team. I love it so much; it truly has the staying power I'm looking for. This is the K-Palette long lasting eyeliner tattoo in jet black.

So yes, this is for Blogmas Day 10. I realized I haven't really titled my entries as.. Day 1, Day 2, Day 3... It just doesn't feel natural that way for me. I realized though, how the days are so fast. It's bittersweet for me.


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