Why All You Need Is A Tote Bag

Sunday, September 2, 2018

I'll be sharing a funny story, or maybe it's just funny to me. But maybe it's either funny or a great act of improvisation, but it may be both.

I didn't bring a proper bag on my trip to England. Of course I had both my check-in and carry on baggage, but just not a proper bag that I could take with me when roaming around. My sister told me she'd give me a bag, but alas, when we met at the airport, I asked about the bag and she said she forgot it back in Southampton. Sadly, Southampton was at the last part of our itinerary.

So I rummaged through my baggage and found a tote bag that I packed which was intended for my toiletries. It's a simple pink nylon tote bag I bought in the Philippines for 29 pesos.

This was the bag I used for everyday I was there. One thing I kept in mind and observed was that: No One Cares. You have a bag, and it's got your items, that's it. I took photos with it hanging on my shoulder too, and I loved it.

Here's a couple of reflections on why I think tote bags are awesome:

It's lightweight

It's a struggle sometimes because carrying a heavy bag will make you feel tired easier especially when travelling. What I like about tote bags is that it only gets heavy when you put all the stuff inside. It can also be easily folded and placed into a bigger bag without hassle.

I can stuff everything inside

I like how when opening tote bags you can see how much space there is inside, and you can just dump everything right in. One con for this though is that it can get a little disorganized, and it's harder to fish out items when you need them, like keys, pens, etc.

Easier to wash

Tote bags can be washed easily, especially if they're made out of nylon or cloth. You won't have to worry whether they'd grow molds or stink because you can wash then dry them out, and it'll be good as new.

Can be used as a pillow

Tote bags can be used as a pillow, considering that they aren't too bulky. It'll only get bulky depending on the kinds of items you choose to place inside.

Living simply, simple living

Don't live beyond your means. I live by this principle. At this point in time, I don't think I'm in the place to buy a designer bag just so I could show others I can afford it while having to sacrifice other more important things, such as food, commute money, savings, bills and etc. Being in debt isn't an option either. Maybe the day will come when I can afford it, but for now, I like how totes are, they're simple and can function as it should.

So I'd like to commend my tote bag for making it throughout my England trip! Thank God it didn't rip nor did I get robbed or anything of that sort lol. Thank you for serving me so well.

Outside the Liverpool Museum

Totebag Lovin' !


What kind of bag do you love to use? :-)



  1. I usually have a backpack or a small crossbody bag with me, but a couple of years ago, I used tote bags for everything :) I really love them. (thanks for the follow on Bloglovin' - I'm following you now too :))

    1. I like to use a crossbody bag and shoulder bag as well :) but tote bags are life savers for me really, and it proved to be one on my latest trip haha! Thanks for following, too! ♡♡

  2. Oh I love your bag and your whole outfit is on point, too! Well done girl!

    x Lisa | lisaautumn.com

  3. I love tote bags! They come in so many beautiful & cute designs <3 Loved your outfit <3