Thrift Haul + Tips

Sunday, August 26, 2018

When you're a working adult, yet you still want to dress up, you thrift. This is basically part two of what I did last Saturday when I went out with my colleague to eat and thrift in Makati. 

Back then, thrifting wasn't openly talked about; it felt like people would easily judge you for doing so. People would think that it's unsanitary and cheap. But really, if you're looking for a way to save up, be mindful of your expenses, and live a sustainable lifestyle, then thrifting is the best way to do so. Besides, if you think that you'll no longer wear it, you can easily donate it or sell it again, and you wouldn't feel bad about wasting so much money. 

When you think about it, we don't really need a lot of clothes, so why spend so much on them? A few pieces would do, along with your staples. If you like to explore different styles or revisit old trends that seem to be making a comeback, you'll surely find lots these in thrift stores. 

Anyway, on to the thrift haul! The van that I take going to work would always pass by Makati Cinema Square. I've heard good things about the place despite it being old, though there are lots of stores here and activities such as fencing, archery, bowling, and many other things (really cool, who knew?). I got the chance to visit it last Saturday with my colleague who also loves to thrift, as it is a place also known for its thrift stores. 

Our budget was 500 pesos. Let's see where my 500 pesos took me!

Patterned white top. I like the pattern, big sleeves, and the bottom part. I can wear this as it is (with a camisole underneath of course), or style it with accessories or pair it with a jacket or cardigan.

I instantly liked this blouse because of the floral embroidery. I can wear this in many ways, either for casual or office wear. I also like the scrunched cuffs. 

I liked the style. I think the sleeves officially won me over, though. I liked how flowy it is and it makes me feel like I have wings. ;-)

A great casual piece. I liked this because I could tie a ribbon on the sleeves. It's simple yet the ribbon makes it a bit special.

I have too much whites inside my closet. I find that this is the easiest way for me to pair them up with other pieces, and I think I really just love wearing white.

A black piece is another staple. I like the lace details on the collar most definitely. 

Baby pink top to add some color to my selection. I like the golden lace prints and patterns on top of it. 


This one's a dress! It caught my eye instantly in the sea of racks. I like the collar, the color, and the flower embellishment. 

I actually have another top that I bought, although I wore it yesterday to work and I've just washed it. Whoops. So, that's a total of 8 pieces.

Total expense:

7 blouses each for 60 pesos
1 dress for 75 pesos

420 + 75 = 495.

So yes, I managed to fit within my 500 peso budget.

60 pesos for me is still quite expensive, to be honest. I've scored really great pieces in the 3 for 100 or 50 pesos price range. But still, for 60 pesos I'm very happy with what I got. ♡♡

TIPS and Things To Keep In Mind While Thrift Shopping

Or maybe simply, just my thrifting philosophy.
  • It's quite pricey to thrift at Makati Cinema Square, but you'll surely find good pieces there. On the day we went here, the cheapest price was 65. We haggled and asked if we could get a discount, and they gave it just 5 pesos lower. That 5 pesos can make a huge difference. 
  • I don't usually shop if it's in New Arrival, mainly because I don't want to pay a higher price for something already used, and that I know if I can wait a bit longer to buy it in a cheaper price (crossing my fingers it'd still be there). But if you really, truly, like it and if you know you can't find it anywhere else and you're pretty sure someone else would buy this instantly, then why not? There are times when you'll score a great branded piece, so don't let go of it and buy it already!
  • Go from the cheapest to the slightly pricier racks. 
  • Ask for a discount. You'll never know if they'll give it at the price you want unless you try. But really, do try. 
  • It takes time to find good pieces. You have to go through every rack to find one that you truly like. Don't force it just so you can say you bought something. There will be days when you'll come out empty handed, and that's okay.
  • Think twice, thrice, if you'll purchase it. Imagine yourself wearing it with other pieces in your closet. Would it match? Would you be able to wear it multiple times? Sure, everything is cheap, but you still have to be mindful and stay within your budget. 
  • Triple make sure to check for any defects. Check for rips, missing buttons, stains that you think and feel won't be easily removed, holes, and sewing defects. Make sure you're not missing a pearl especially if the piece has embellishments of sorts.

OTHER TIPS. Things To Bring

  • Face mask, especially if you're allergic or if your nose is sensitive to smell.
  • An extra bag for all the clothes you'll be buying.
  • Hand sanitizer
  • Hair tie, because sometimes it can be hot and you'll be spending time there. 
  • Wear comfortable clothes, as you'll be wading through racks of old clothes. 


What're your memorable thrift shop visits? Any thrifting tips you'd like to share? :-)



  1. Great purchases! I've been buying a lot of stuff second-hand, but on apps. Have yet to go to an actual thrift shop...

    1. Thank you! :) Going to thrift shops is fun, it's like a treasure hunt; you'll never know what kind of clothes you'll go home with.

  2. Love all the tips! Especially to wear comfy clothes and a hair tie. You need to really get in and dig though stuff in the thrift stores!

    1. Thank you Eryn! That's right, you have to be diligent in going through all the racks, but that's the fun in it too :)

  3. Great tips! I haven't been in a thrift store for quite a while, you can certainly find some good stuff though. I have a fun antique chair that I redid that I found while thrifting and it has such neat character! One of my favorite pieces.

    1. Thank you Tina :) Definitely, there's so much you can find and it can be a bit overwhelming sometimes. It's all worth it though, I'm glad you found that great antique chair too.

  4. My sister does a lot of thrifting, last week she took me to "the bins" which is just a massive warehouse full of all kids of clothing that is sold by weight. It was an experience, but she reconditions and resells apparel she find on eBay and Poshmark.

    1. I think it's really cool how your sister fixes them up then resells them :) it's a great thing to do since there's really lots of clothes out there that can still be worn, and we don't always have to buy new ones.

  5. You got some really great stuff! I wish there was a great thrift sho near me!!

    1. Thanks Ricci! I'm really happy with this batch :') I don't think I'll be buying any new pieces any time soon.

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