Saturday Brunch and Slow Walks

Wednesday, August 22, 2018

It's not Saturday today, but I just wanted to share and recount how last Saturday went. This day was supposedly a thrifting date only, but my colleague and I decided to squeeze in some time to eat first, and we decided that it was going to be at the Salcedo Saturday Market, since it was a Saturday.

People gather around here to sell their products, and there's a lot of selections to choose from. As usual when it comes to selling in booths, they make sure that there is a variety of products, so it's almost likely you'll find something unique in every turn. There are local handicrafts, local products, and also different foreign cuisines to see.

The weather that day was in our favor. There were occasional light drizzles that lasted for a few minutes, then it would be sunny again. We were able to walk around the stalls as much as we wanted.

These are what we saw, and I'm presenting them in squares. My observations follow the photos in a clockwise manner starting from the topmost left photo. (I hope that isn't confusing haha)

Seafood, organic fruits and products, healthy snacks. The chips were also interesting as they mimic the taste of vegetables, and they look a lot like it too. There's also lots of fruits! Rambutan's actually my favorite as a kid. Though I didn't dare bite the seed part. Then there's the bangus filled with vegetables, it looked really good.

Peanuts, stalls, and juices and almond milk

These bottles on the bottom left square are almond milk drinks. I've only learned to appreciate almond milk recently. At first I found it salty, maybe because the real almonds can have that salty taste, but I can say that I'm used to drinking it by now. I wasn't able to take a photo, though we tried the ginger ale too. It was a refreshing drink. 

There were also lots of plant sellers. They've got bouquets of flowers, potted plants, and split leaf bouquets for decorations in your home. My colleague shared with me that a friend of hers told her that it's good to have something alive or living in your home, and that kind of stuck with me for a while.. because it's true. It's good to have something alive, even if it's a plant, to keep your home, because it can somehow freshen up the space which then in turn would brighten up your mood.

It was very tempting to buy a split leaf stalk but it would've been a hassle to commute going home with it, since it's quite big. 

I like the canopy of trees hovering over the stalls. The people come here from different parts of the metro, not just around Makati city. It's nice to be in the middle of places where there is still some green left among all the concrete jungles men have built.

We halved everything we ate, so we could spare more money for thrift shopping later on (and in which I'll be writing about on a separate post).

Japanese Pancake~ they were fluffy and you could choose from different flavors, gyoza~ I love dumplings, Bao bun~ steamed bun with chicken and vegetables, vegetable Samosa~ filled with potatoes, carrots, peas, and curry rice. A very Asian selection. There were a lot of Japanese food stalls around, and my colleague and I agreed that Japanese is a good go-to cuisine; like if for example you don't know where to eat, Japanese cuisine easily comes to mind.

There were also a lot of free tastes in every store, so we took advantage of that as well, from salsa dips to sausage slices.

I've lost count with how many times we circled around the stalls, as my colleague and I were lost in conversation and occasionally stopping by a store to inquire or to buy something. We walked at a leisurely pace just like everyone else in the park. It was nice for a change because I normally walk too fast, but walking alongside everyone just reminded me to slow down, to see what's there to see.

I will share on here more about our thrifting date in the coming week.

Do you like weekend markets? Do you have one in your city? ♡♡



  1. Lovely! The trees overhanging the marketplace are so beautiful and interesting. :-)

    1. So true! The trees are so nice in this area. :)

  2. It's always nice to hang out by checking out the marketplace. It's cool to see the different selections available. The stuffed fish looks interesting. Love that there are tropical fruits! Oh man, I am a total sucker for those potted plants. It is definitely good to have something alive in your house - plants feed off yours and you feed off of theirs.

    The food looks tasty! I am a total sucker of those gyozas. Glad you enjoyed your time out there! We have several weekend markets but I never really go to them - I should, though!

    Nancy ♥

    1. There's a lot of interesting things to see in the marketplace, definitely. Plants surely help in making a space feel more homey and alive.

      You should go try! Then tell us all about it :) I think weekend markets are a big thing in other countries.

  3. I love strolling through markets! So cool ♥
    Selina | Selinas Inspiration