LONDON: Get Well, Big Ben and Saying Hi to the London Eye

Wednesday, August 8, 2018

Saw some of the iconic places in London, namely Big Ben and London Eye (from a distance). We came at the time when the Elizabeth Tower, which houses the clock tower, and parts of the Houses of Parliament were under conservation works. 

Houses of Parliament! It opens during the months of summer, and this year it's from July 26 to September 1, 2018. Visitors can opt for tours around the building (more information can be found here). We were here last June, so it wasn't open during this time. We simply just admired this view, despite the scaffolding surrounding. 

I felt so touristy being here, what with all the people coming and going. But I liked the general atmosphere, seeing everyone excited and taking lots of photos, whether it be their first time in the area or not. I won't shame them for that... unless they are blocking my way. ♡♡♡ Kidding aside though, it's one of the places where you truly feel like hey, I'm in London, and this is real. At first, I didn't want to take much photos in a place where there were too many people. But hey, when in London, might as well take a lot, right? 

It's important to note as well that this clock tower is known to be a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1987. 

Quite sad that we weren't able to hear Big Ben's bongs while we were there, but it was still great to see it nonetheless. The Great Bells needed to be paused for the safety of those involved in the conservation works. The clock still works though, for the reference of the public. So as you can see, we were here during lunch time at 12NN. Haha!

I think that it's good that they're putting in all their efforts into the conservation works, because I can see how much they value the preservation of this well-known and loved landmark. Stopping the bells is also a way for them to place the safety and protection of their workers as their top priority.

As I read on the UK Parliament website, I love how they dubbed Big Ben as the Nation's Timekeeper. It may take around two years for the conservation works to be finished, but I'm looking forward to seeing it again, definitely!

Also known as the Millennium Wheel

Just around the area is the London Eye! Even right now as I write this entry, I can't help but admire this photo that I took. It was considered to be the tallest wheel during 1999.

Hi hello to that boat full of tourists!! And why do I always look sleepy

We were at the Westminster bridge, and we saw lots of ships cruising by towards the south of the river Thames. We took lots of family selfies of course and admired it for a while, imprinting it into our minds, before heading out to our next destination. 


What's your favorite place in London, or the place you've been wanting to see?


  1. The Big Ben is one of the iconic landmarks in London.

    Sad that it is not in its usual form, but soon enough will be back to normal.

    I like your jacket by the way!


    1. I hope to see it again without the scaffolding and hear its bongs!

  2. Oh, an answer to your question is the Buckingham Palace.

    I was fortunate enough to visit the Buckingham Palace in the summer of 2015.

    I saw the state rooms and other parts of the palace.

    I think it is open to the public in the summer for a fee.


    1. Awesome! We were only able to admire it from outside :')