My Favorite Kims of Korean Indie

Monday, June 25, 2018

My attempt to draw Roy Kim ♡ ♡

My colleague at work and I share a common interest when it comes to Korean Indie songs that we discover, because for us these are delightful gems we come across. I've observed how majority of the artists that we like and listen to have the last name "Kim", and thus it inspired me to write this post.

I guess I want to share a bit of a background/context on how I first got into Korean Indie. I started getting into K-Indie back in college. My first K-Indie band was Standing Egg. I remember coming across Standing Egg while my Spotify was on shuffle. I think I was listening to the OST of the Korean drama, Heart to Heart (2015) and one of Standing Egg's songs was up next. My life was never the same again.

I like songs with substance. Sure, mainstream and catchy songs will be fun to listen to, maybe when I'm working out or when I want to stay awake. But then it's those songs with meaningful lyrics and charming beats that feeds the soul. It's like I've found the soundtrack to my life, and there's just so many K-Indie artists to discover!

I'm sharing with you my favorite songs from these beloved Korean Indie artists and my two cents on why I like them.

Eddy Kim

Ever since I came across this song on Spotify, I put it on replay instantly. It's something I can dance to (even if I can't really dance.. but I'll probably just do a silly dance!). I like the way he says "Shall we slow dance, just dance" because it will most certainly make you want to sway around across the room.

Paul Kim

Here's a song I bob my head to. I like this one because it's easy to listen to and it's smooth; I can have this on replay for hours. He also has songs that play with a wide range of emotions. Most of them are quite emotional, yet in a way that it moves you. 

Sam Kim

I am definitely all for K-indie and K-hiphop/RnB collabs! This one from Sam Kim's quite groovy. I also like his covers: She Was Mine, Seattle

Roy Kim

My first song from Roy Kim was from Another Oh Hae Young's OST. I fell in love with his soothing voice and looked forward to it in the drama scenes. The songs play a heavy role in making the drama even more memorable. Loved Roy Kim from then! Listen to his other songs: Egoist, Only Then

Kim Jong Wan of NELL

Special mention to a certain Kim from the band NELL. This song made me feel the progression of love, wherein it starts with the question of "How can I get your love, how can I make you smile?" to "How can I win your heart, how can I make you mine?". It first starts with noticing the little things about the person you like, then eventually to thinking of ways to get their attention. I admit I sometimes listened to this before I fall asleep... because it made me sleepy, in a way that the song just felt dreamy. It was a plus plus as well that this song was for one of my favorite Korean dramas of all time, Weightlifting Fairy.

Am I missing out on any Kims? Do tell me!!