A Bit Of A Catch Up

Thursday, June 7, 2018

Featuring my newly thrifted black romper which is quickly becoming my favorite piece of clothing inside my wardrobe, as it is so easy wear and could be paired with any shirt of my liking and yet I would still look like a decent human being. Haha! Setting that aside, I enjoyed reading through fellow writers' blog entries on how their month of May went. I figured I'd write a little update on my end as well with my many interests in life.


I have been challenging myself to paint more by painting the cover photos for the blog. For the past few entries, they've all been watercolor paintings. I'm not pressuring myself though, I just paint when I have time and when I make time, as well as when I get an idea for a blog entry, or when I want to share about something that needs to be placed into writing. I'm trying to make painting and writing go hand in hand.


I've been listening to podcasts from Girl Boss Radio! I'm pretty sure you're all familiar with Girl Boss, whether it's the novel or the Netflix series. I haven't read the book, and I have yet to finish the series, but I certainly am subscribed to their podcast channel. I like listening to the many stories of women starting out with their businesses/careers, and also the challenges that go with it. There were many times I was able to relate, and many important lessons learned as well from their experiences.

Another thing I like about listening to Girl Boss Radio is hearing about different Girl Boss moments! Sophia Amoruso describes these moments as times when you've felt like you're your own boss, and you're really living in the moment because it was of your own choice. For me personally, it would be as recent as last Saturday, wherein I got to be the host/emcee for my company's summer outing. Hosting is something I can go on and on about, but one thing for sure is that it's one of the things that excites me the most.

My favorite episodes are the following:

Rupi Kaur- Poet, Artist and Performer - women empowerment!
Kathryn Minshew, Co-founder & CEO The Muse - it was a pleasant surprise to hear this one, because I remember stumbling upon The Muse website during my funemployment days and all the advice helped so much. I actually printed out the top 30 most asked interview questions and practiced from there. So helpful!
Grace Bonney, Founder Design*Sponge - an inspiring listen on how an inspiring blog came to be


I've watched two Slice of Life anime a couple of weeks ago.

After The Rain
I didn't expect to like it, what with our characters having a huge age gap. I expected it to be something like reading Vladimir Nabokov's Lolita all over again. But thank goodness the middle aged man wasn't a pervert, and he was sensible enough to not make her think there was hope between them. The plot did not center on the supposed romance at all, which I am thankful for. I don't know how it is in the manga though.... but just I simply liked the parallel of the story wherein she is unable to move forward to her future, while he on the other hand is unable to let go of his past. In the end, we have the responsibility to carve out a path for ourselves.

Our main girl's fleeting infatuation for our middle aged man was apt to how it is with the characteristic of rain: strong and heavy at first yet considerably light and fleeting. She'll have to face reality again after a moments of clouded judgment.

March Comes In Like A Lion
I started watching this anime because of the the photoset I stumbled upon on Facebook. I also like the illustration because this one is from the makers of Honey and Clover, yet another Slice of Life anime that I loved. This anime is actually very deep in a sense that it reminds us that there comes a time when we make choices out of necessity and not because we truly want it, and we have to live through that and face the consequences.

I love the Slice of Life genre. I find that it is more interesting rather than having to have a hero and a villain fighting each other to no end which results to a number of anime episodes and manga chapters. It's simply a cycle, and it gets repetitive too. Slice of Life on the other hand shows us real life problems, daily struggles, and that life is not at all perfect as we want it to be or how we always aim to portray it, especially on social media.

Sadly, there's not much really good Slice of Life anime out there. I wish they'd make more!


I have many sources for my Korean Indie music needs, but lately I've discovered Mirrorball Music on Youtube. It's kind of sad though, I can't freely stream Youtube on my phone because the music stops as soon as the homescreen turns off. Here's a gem I've been liking lately:

Aurorasting's music videos feature mostly roads, scenery, and life as it is. It feels like I'm watching a very pleasant vlog. 


I've eaten ramen twice this month... I think I won't be eating that for months now. First ramen is from Mensukaba Geishu, a hole in the wall ramen place in BF Homes. Second one is from Mendokorro from the Makati branch (I heard they just opened one in BGC!). The ever so loved Mendokorro. Haha!


I'm ending this entry with another sky photo yet again. I posted this one from my Instagram stories.

I think summer is almost over (YAY). I am not going to miss the super hot weekends I spent at home and the early sweltering morning walks from the bus stop to my office. Meanwhile, I think summer is just about to start for other parts of the globe. I do hope you guys enjoy this season. :' )



been inspiring you lately?


  1. I love your paintings! I haven't painted in quite a while just because the thought of redrawing them tires me out hahaha!
    I've been reading a lot of manga recently. I managed to get to the latest update of haikyuu! If you like drama-ish slice of life, I totally recommend the manga Watashitachi no Shiawase na Jikan (Our Happy Hours).

    mia | chaotic tales

    1. Thank you! I love painting after a long work day; it's relaxing, just pushing colors around hehe
      Cool! I'll check out your recommendation :)

  2. “it reminds us that there comes a time when we make choices out of necessity and not because we truly want it, and we have to live through that and face the consequences.” — wow that’s deep and so true. I’m not an Anime lover but I would like to watch that series as it seems relatable especially your screencap :)


    1. It truly is relatable! The first time I saw the screencap, I knew I had to watch the anime right away. Haha! I've stopped watching anime entirely after high school, but I would watch some from time to time if I find it really good. I guess this is one of the really good ones :)

  3. I love Sangatsu no Lion!! One of the best series I've watched this year. I've been curious about After the Rain ever since I saw the trailer for the live action movie. I might check out the manga one of these days.

    As for slice of life series, there's actually a lot! I've been watching a lot of slice of life anime because the dialogue is usually easy to follow, which helps a lot for Japanese listening practice. Some of the series I really liked are Hyouka and Silver Spoon. I liked Tamako Market a lot too, but it has a liiittle hint of fantasy in it. If you're okay with sports-related series, try Haikyuu!! as well. It's shounen but there isn't any fantasy mixed in it, unlike a lot of other sports series. It's one of my favorites! (I cried at many different points in the manga.)

    I also understand the sentiment about shounen series, because I got sick of a ton of them as well lol. But there are still some exceptions! I started reading One Piece a few years ago, and it became my number one favorite despite it being a shounen series. It's 800+ chapters though, so I wouldn't recommend reading it unless you have A LOT of free time :))

    Sorry for the ramble! I tend to talk too much when it comes to manga and anime LOL ;;


    1. I haven't watched season 2 yet! I'm waiting for a day wherein I can just binge watch the whole thing straight haha!

      Thank youu for all these recommendations! I don't know where these were hiding. I'll be sure to check these out ;) so exciting!

      Meh, shounen really isn't for me. I've tried Fairy Tail before, although I just found it too repetitive what with one day the villain wins but then the next day the hero wins and it all becomes overly emotional from there, then a new story comes up but it's the same banana basically.. hahaha sorry ang hater koooo :))))

      Haha nooo it's okay, no worries! I definitely appreciate manga and anime talk and recommendations. ^_^