Surviving Summer

Sunday, May 27, 2018

I'm sitting right now in front of the electric fan, realizing how hot it can be at home. I don't get to feel this same level of heat when I'm in the office everyday, since they set the temperature really cold. But then it's during the weekend I realize the intensity of the heat. It's unbearable, but it can be actionable! Here's my surviving summer starter pack.

Sun Cream
I've never been a big fan of sunscreen because: 1) they're sticky 2) I'm not a big fan of its distinct smell. But then after reading a number of skincare blog posts, I gave in and tried it out. I'm currently using the COSRX Aloe Soothing Sun Cream. I place it on my face first thing in the morning after washing my face with cold water. I apply a generous amount all over my face because it serves as a moisturizer in a way. I like how it's not very sticky at all, and that there's no overpowering smell.

The sun's rays are definitely stronger than ever. It's important to protect our skin, especially in the summer when the days are longer.

It's been 7 months since I last cut my hair. So since I had time this weekend, I went to the salon and had 3 inches of my hair chopped off. I've been feeling much lighter, and it's more manageable now. It also helps that I don't need to tie my hair into a ponytail anymore since my neck is no longer covered with my unruly mass of hair.

I was originally planning on growing my hair out again, but cutting my hair is good for my wavy curls too, so I figured I'd have a haircut from time to time while letting it grow. Hair grows fast anyway. *optimistic*

On a personal note, I've always had short hair before. I hated it because I felt like I looked too nene or kiddy. It's only during my twenties that I realized how I needed to care for it too, not just let it be. Conditioner is key! I think I need to write more about hair care some time.
Lots of water
I've learned to love water. I choose water because it's natural, and it definitely flushes out the toxins and keeps me hydrated. As tempting as it is to choose that flavorful juice, they contain a lot of sugar which is unnecessary for the body. Unless you're low on sugar.. but if that's not the case, water is your best friend.

I have to admit though, I drink less water at home, because I have to stand up to go to the kitchen and drink. Unlike in the office, wherein I just fill one big glass of water and head back to my seat. I would then take occasional sips every now and then within the hour until it's empty. That's the only time I would stand up from my chair. I guess I need to adopt the same habit at home!

Stare at vibrant sunsets
It's during the summer when the sky graces us with extra beautiful sunsets. It's like, "Congratulations! You've survived yet another hot summer day. You can admire the pinkish orange hues the sun has left behind now."

Here's a few from my phone camera:


How do you survive the summer heat? 



  1. Ohhh, these are so cute! I absolutely agree with you on the sunscreen, I need to find a not-so-sticky-one myself too. We usually don't get too-hot weather in Holland but there's a bit a heatwave at the moment, and I'm already done with it haha! Enjoying the little things definitely is key!

    1. Thank you Louise! :) I definitely recommend COSRX's sun cream! Well, this is my first sun cream, and it's done a great job so far, so I'm definitely recommending it. It always feels like summer here in the Philippines.. except when summer does come around, the heat intensifies even more huhu. Struggle is real. Thanks for dropping by ♡♡