I'VE WATCHED: Terrace House: Boys and Girls in the City, A Subjective Ranking

Monday, April 16, 2018

Here is a show I binge watched over the long weekend last week. Inspired from this post from Medium, I decided to write about my own thoughts regarding the Terrace House: Boys and Girls in the City show and its members. Will contain spoilers.

A gist of the whole show would be: there are a total of six strangers, three men and three women living together under one roof. There is no script, the members can go in and out of the house and live their daily lives. We all get to be spectators of how they interact with each other.

Although I believe it's impossible for a reality show to not have a script entirely, I like how the show managed to pull everything off so naturally. From the cinematography, the actors and actresses, their daily lives, even to them meeting their friends outside of the show.. everything just seemed like a part of daily life.

One of the things I enjoyed most was hearing from the panelists. They all had something to say, whether it be their own personal experiences or their comments resulting from the members' interactions.

I also enjoyed watching their shared space living experience. I find it relatable, as I've experienced it myself for three years back in college. I loved seeing them deal with things and laying it out in the open to really talk about it. I also love how they have different backgrounds, and hearing from them their own goals and aspirations in life. It's inspiring for me, somehow.

Okay, moving on to my list! This whole post is filled with spoilers. Do read at your own risk.

17) Hayato Terashima, 29 | Chef-in-Training

He was probably one of the characters that I had a hard time figuring out. Except that he's a good cook, which proved to be a useful skill so he could feed everyone in the house. I didn't like his relationship with Riko from the start. I got the whole big brother vibes from him whenever they went on dates; I had a hard time convincing myself that they'd be a great couple. I was also disappointed with how he handled the issue nearing the end of the season. He should've been clear with his intentions, and defended Riko if he even cared at all about their relationship, or whatever it was. (lol I sound so bitter).

16) Makoto Hasegawa, 22 | Baseball Player

I think I understand why girls would like him. He seemed to be a really cool athletic guy who could get along with everyone... until he started telling everyone about his plans to be a professional baseball player, and not following through at all. I understand that he may have struggled for some time, considering the pressures of being an athlete. For sure there were many restrictions, and maybe he just didn't want to miss out. But it's a different case when lack of passion could be the underlying issue. Another issue would be when he caused confusion between Yuriko and Uchi. There are some things that are better left unsaid, especially if it involves confusing other people. I wish they were at least able to see him play at a baseball match though!

15) Yuriko Hayata, 23 | Med Student

I found her style and aura pleasant and feminine; I would understand that guys would take a liking to her immediately. But then as one of the guys described, she first had impact, but then after a while it died down. Probably because she was focused on her studies, and she was still thinking about her previous relationship. I knew there was more to her pleasant face, as she used Yuki to get in to performances and to eat at the restaurants she liked. Kudos to her though, since she continued to work even harder despite being rejected again by her past boyfriend. I guess closure really helps, doesn't it?

14) Momoka Mitsunaga, 20 | Ballerina

I admire her dedication and passion for ballet, although it's sad we weren't able to see much of her on the show. She was busy the entire time, what with all the practices she had to go to. It would've been nice to see her on a date with at least one of the guys, since she's mentioned her inexperience with dating. I liked her fighting spirit, especially when she didn't make it to the top after competing, but instead dedicated herself to her new role as a professional ballerina. She did mention that the prime age range for a professional ballerina was 18 - 22, and I was so proud of her for making it, even though she wasn't ranked at the top. It was still a victory for her!

13) Misaki Tamori, 23 | Entertainer

I see Misaki as fun-loving and happy person. You'll always see her either smiling, laughing, or crying. Or maybe all of the above at once. I wasn't a big fan of the loungewear episode, where she tried to impress Hikaru. I wish she could've told Hikaru otherwise about her not having a concrete sense of self, and not simply agree with him. If she was well aware of her strengths (such as being approachable), I think she wouldn't have been so easily discouraged. I like her chemistry with Yuuki, though. I'm glad that worked well for her.

12) Yuuki Byrnes, 23 | Krumper

It's my first time to encounter the term "krumper".... It sort of reminded me of crumpets?? Haha! But this guy's got moves. I like his relationship with Misaki, because they really talk it out whenever conflicts arise. They are similar in many ways, and I like how he kept trying to go for his license, all the while thinking of Misaki. It was also nice of him to take her to the place where she initially got rejected and turned it around to be a memorable place for her. I figured that he's totally different from Hikaru, as he is more accepting and I bet he likes girls who laugh a lot.

11) Masako Endo, 23

She seems to be a really fun person to be with. She'd be like the big sister you could ask to go places with you, and she'd know the right places to go to. She also got along well with everyone, and I wished to see more of her. I'm glad it worked out for her with Arman. (I feel bad, I can't quite say more about her)

10) Arman Bitaraf, 24 | Aspiring Firefighter 

While everyone may love Arman for being so chill, I was worried for his level of chill. Not that I dislike how chill he is, because I respect that everyone goes through life at their own pace, but I wished to see some effort from his side to try and figure things out. I would always associate him with the word "Happy" though, because he seems to go with the flow and makes it work out. I'll never forget his intense dog paddling skills too.

I'm happy for him though, when it worked out with Martha. I liked how they instantly clicked. I also wanted him with Mizuki though! I think they would've made a great couple too. And! I think he makes a great big bro. He got along with everyone so easily.

9) Hikaru Ota, 18 | Model and Construction Worker

I admire how he's worked as a model and construction worker at the same time. My long time impression of models would be that they needed to take care of themselves a lot, so it's my first time to see a model who holds a rather active/physical job at the side. I like how he seemed mature for his age; he didn't look like his age at all. I like his bromance with Arman. I wanted to see more of their interactions, and I didn't see it coming when he decided to leave the show.

8) Natsumi Saito, 26 | Model

I liked her at first since she's outspoken and she speaks her mind freely. She also likes to talk about the problem instead of setting it aside, which is important especially when living with others. But then there were comments from her that were uncalled for, especially when she brought up the loungewear issue during dinnertime. The whole atmosphere just got worse from then on, and I was anticipating yet another misunderstanding to happen. It did happen when she got drunk and justified it with worrying for Misaki. I think along with being direct, it's also important to balance it out with some consideration for others.

7) Yuki Adachi, 27

I admire his passion for tap dancing, and I enjoyed watching him do his thing. Although I admit he may come on too strongly when it comes to talking about goals and dreams in life. Not everyone has to have it figured out right away. I don't think there is anything wrong with taking time in knowing what we really want out of life. But I guess it was different for him, since he grew up with tap dancing. I wish that instead of just simply talking about goals in life, he could've encouraged them more, or gave advice on how to go about things, considering his age and experiences.

6) Riko Nagai, 18 | Model

I always have the tendency to root for the youngest in any show. She may look young and naive, but she proved to be mature and calm, and even handled conflicts quite well. Despite her issue with Hayato, she came out of it as an even more mature person. I liked how even though she had her eyes on Yuki when he first came in, she didn't make any moves and had consideration for Misaki, and that she herself was quite aware that she had an ongoing (albeit unclear) thing with Hayato.

5) Arisa Ohata, 25 | Hat Designer

What's your type?

Someone who can survive in a deserted island.

I wasn't fond of her at first, since it felt like she stole Arman from Mizuki, and even more devastating was that realizing she couldn't see herself dating anyone that time (why lead Arman on?!). I'll always remember her for making Costco an excuse when Yuki was trying to make moves on her. :') I started to like her when I saw her being focused with her hat business, but that meant seeing her less. I'm glad her business worked out well for her.

4) Tatsuya Uchihara, 23 | Hairstylist

Uchi for me was the mysterious guy at first. When he asked all three girls out for a date though, I kind of wondered what he was really up to... I didn't like that kind of approach. But then who knew that he was actually awkward in relationships? Although he may seem to have lots of experience with girls, it was funny to think that it may not be the case.

3) Minori Nakada, 21 | Model

Minori is chill and easy to get along with. I was eagerly anticipating for her relationship with Uchi to start, and I'm glad it did through omurice. Although at times I found her too laid-back, and that she has the tendency to steer away when confronted with a problem. It was funny how her big sister, Kurumi, would help her out with her relationship problems too!

2) Mizuki Shida, 22 | Office Worker and Barista

I think it's pretty cool that she can introduce herself as "an office worker AND barista" at the same time. I think we all want to be working on our passions not only at the side, but as part of our daily lives. I found her to be inspiring and I liked her personality overall. She stood up for what was right (e.g. the Makoto incident) and she seems put together. I don't believe Yuki when he criticized her for being vague with her goals. I think her being an office worker would help her gain the skills she needed to run her own cafe. I actually wanted for her to find love in the show, but I guess it just didn't happen.

1) Yuto Handa, 27 | Architect

Also known as Hansan or Mr. Perfect (as dubbed by our favorite panelists!). I admire this guy, what with all the things he wants to pursue. I know it may seem counterproductive to want to do so many things, but I just relate with this aspect of his very much. I was sad to see him only for a while, and considering that there were times when he was out studying or working in his studio, but I definitely liked the times when he would give solid advice to the other members. They were always spot on, and he says it in a thoughtful way, such that no one will get offended. I see him as a learner of life, and his drive and passion is inspiring to see, yet still remaining humble. And yet among all these things, he's also got a girlfriend! I think it's amazing how he can balance all these things, plus a relationship. But we don't know, maybe the girlfriend is as driven and passionate as he is with her own career? Ahh, I just love a guy with ambition.

I'm obviously not over the show yet. I've followed some of my favorite members on Instagram, just because I wanted to catch up on their lives and what they're up to now.

Do listen to the opening song for the show because it's my favorite!! and rarely do I ever choose not to skip the intro.

Tell me your favorite Terrace House members :)

All images in this post were screencaps I took from Netflix.



  1. I freaking love this show!!! I hope you can watch the previous ones, my favorite has been .. ooh idk bc i loved a lot of ppl from this season.

    I thought arman was very down to earth he was cool in my eyes.
    I love opening new doors, and im loving the new one too 2019-2020.
    I preatty much follow all my fav ppl on ig while im watching them on this show hehe

    I enjoyed watching the hat girl, the drama between riko and the older guy was CRAZY!
    dont get me started with the opening song... i love all their songs lol!! glad i can see some bloggers who talk about TH bc i love it so much hehehe... i want to make a post about this now. I will tag you as the inspiration lol

    1. Thanks for sharing with me your thoughts on the show, Kiki!! I got excited all over again, even if it's been 2 years since I last watched this season :))
      Ahh, I'm totally looking forward to your blog entry on TH! ;)

  2. one of the coolest opening songs ever!!

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