MY MUJI PLANNER: February - March

Saturday, April 7, 2018

The first quarter of the year is done. Time flies!

Much of the first quarter for me has been spent on figuring out my goals, setting my priorities, trying out new things, and simply trying to be consistent with all these.

I'll be sharing the spreads I want to highlight the most, or probably the ones that I have lots to share about:

Of course a memorable week in February would be when I went to Taiwan with family! To be honest, we've never had much opportunities to travel together especially when my sister and I were both still studying. But then I'm really glad I get to travel with them now while they are still able. This has become a goal for us as a family, and it has made us even closer.

It was great to have my sister visit the Philippines. I missed her very much, and it was great to see her every time I came home. Although I wasn't able to talk much anymore because I'm already tired. Haha, I feel quite guilty about it. But every moment counts, even if it's just sharing the same space in the house.

I also got to watch The Greatest Showman! I may not completely know all the dynamics of a musical, but I do enjoy watching it whether on screen or live. I also watched Firebringer musical on Youtube. I surprisingly watched it till the end.

Thank you to Sher for watching the Greatest Showman with me, and also sharing with me the link to Firebringer!! ❤❤

A week in March! This was when I noticed how the Bougainvilleas have already started blooming.

I somehow started listing down my goals also. While most people have this figured out by the start of the year, I find that I'm still structuring it as I go. I think as the months pass, it gets clearer for me, and it's also clear that I'm working at my own pace. There's much to learn about crafting goals.

I got to watch Lady Bird in the cinema. I didn't watch it online, however tempting it was! The growing up part hit home pretty much for me. I'm not the type to keep up with the latest movies, but if ever I come across one with a good premise or if it's the slice of life or coming of age kind, I'm all for it. Which explains also why I'm not into the latest celebrity gossip. Even growing up, I didn't care much about showbiz entertainment (whether local or international) or anything that's trending. Is it so bad?

I've been watching Terrace House on Netflix lately. It's such a light and breezy watch! It's basically a Japanese reality show in which six strangers, three men and three women try living together, and we get to observe how they tackle their shared space situation. They get to live their daily lives, such as going to work or school, and they can leave the show any time they want. There's also the panelists that makes the show very entertaining to watch.

Beyond the love lines and love triangles, I like how their personalities are all so diverse. I think my favorite person would be Yuto Handa , also known as Hansan (I think I made him look a bit older and tired on my spread haha). I simply like how he's ambitious and how he goes for what he truly wants. He's almost always busy throughout the episodes he stayed there, but then whenever he was present, he'd always add value to situations and has insights whenever people approach him for advice. It makes me ask, how could he balance all those things? I think he's pretty much just a passionate person. Seeing him on the show inspired me in all sorts of ways. I think I just really appreciate his existence. :')

Shout out to heydayswithhanna for this recommendation ❤❤

I'm not a ramen person, but I did get to try it in Mendokorro! I got the Miso ramen. I'm looking forward to going back, sometime this April with another friend.

This week I remember, I would hurry to come home so I could finish watching A Love So Beautiful. I'm not a big fan of high school plots, but I liked this because it showed their growth until adulthood. I'm planning to re-watch their adult days some time soon. I was frustrated because I wanted to finish it and see them grow up, while knowing that if I do, I'll be finished with the show. Haha! They'll be airing this in national TV. ABS CBN channel, if I'm not mistaken? Sorry, I don't watch TV at all.

I have established a routine that works for me every weekend, which is that I need to do my laundry. I have to admit that I had this habit of letting it accumulate for a couple of weeks before washing them, but I knew that had to change. I also get to organize my closet, such as taking out clothes that I don't really wear that much anymore. For me, doing chores is a way for me to feel that there are at least some things I can do responsibly.

I have been listening to Car, The Garden a lot. I first came across his English song, Sarah, on Spotify which I then recommended to my colleague of the same name. I then listened to the rest of his songs and fell in love instantly. Please give Lean On You a listen.

Trying my hand at drawing more. I just draw anything, basically. But I think I should focus more on drawing on another notebook. I hope to fill up a notebook this year.

It turns out that I'm using my planner for all sorts of things, from random doodles, to listing of goals, to personal thoughts. I think I need another notebook so I won't be limited with my writings, which I'll be talking more about on an upcoming entry. 

I realized that most of the things I've been rambling about are films, music, and shows haha! Aside from all those, I've also tried out jogging and exploring food places in Makati with friends and colleagues. I'm working on balancing the going out and the saving up by going out twice a month, max. I also want to focus on hobbies that don't cost so much (like blogging hehe). Wish me luck! 


How was your first quarter of the year?  



  1. Your spreads are so nice!! And clean!! My journal is a passport-sized one, so I end up filling the pages with so many words ;; Seeing your spreads makes me want to get a bigger journal for next time, haha!

    I don't watch TV either! Mainly because we don't have one at our apartment. I only ever get to watch local shows when I'm at my parents'. But then when I do, I realize I'm not really missing out on much pala LOL. A lot of friends actually find it weird, but it's actually better to watch stuff online no? At least you have control of what stuff you get to watch. I've been hearing a lot about Terrace House nga, so I might check that out next time!

    Looking forward to seeing more of your spreads! :)

    1. Thank you Chai :) I've read your post about it, and got even more curious about Midori notebooks. I saw the Midori passport size journal sa Scribe, but I bought the MD Notebook Light A5 Lined 3 pcs pack to try it our first and for my journaling needs. :D I'll write about it some time. I like my Muji planner right now because it's not so heavy so I can bring it with me to and fro the office.

      We have a tv, but my dad uses it mostly for youtube videos instead, since internet is already expensive lol. And yeah, I can totally live without tv actually. Who needs it when there's youtube, kissasian, and netflix (although for netflix I only ever experienced the trial month haha!). Terrace House is really nice!! I recommend. Please do watch!

      Thank you again! I hope to see your spreads too :D

  2. I love how you decorated your planner! The doodles are so cute!

    Olga from Myme

    1. Thank you Olga! I will always enjoy doodling, and it'll most likely always be a part of my writings :)

  3. I love how clean it looks! My planner's a mess of scrap paper and printed photographs. I didn't know muji had a planner! I should get one next year!

    mia | chaotic tales

    1. I've tried my best to keep it cleaner this year! The previous years have been too colorful, much like a coloring book than a planner.. haha! I bet yours is super creative and inspiring :) And yes, Muji has planners! I went for Muji since I admire their minimalist style, and I get to personalize the planner as well. Thanks for dropping by, Mia!

  4. I love your journal! You have so many stuff in there but it looks so neat. Mine is a whole mess... haha! Your doodles are super cute too, I love them.

    The Greatest Showman was nice, not so great but I really love their music. And I'm trying to find the time to watch A Love So Beautiful since everyone is saying so many nice things about it and my cousin cant stop crying about it too lol I'm like you, I can't stand high school romance also! It's a cringe-fest to me.

    Hello, btw! Hehe I'm a new reader! I love your blog! Looking forward to your next posts. <3

    -Dems | dearstrangrs

    1. Thank you, Dems! :)

      The Greatest Showman was okay. I don't love it as much as people do, but it was okay haha! I gave a A Love So Beautiful a shot mainly because I found the main guy attractive.. haha! I also liked how they showed the transition from high school to adult life (although sadly the high school episodes outnumbered the adult ones huuu) Hope you enjoy watching it :D

      Hellooo yes! Thank you so much for following! :) I look forward to your posts as well :D