Holiday Recap

Monday, September 4, 2017

In August alone we had the chance to experience two holidays, and another on the first of September. For me, holidays are truly something to look forward to, whether it may be spent just resting at home or meeting with friends.

Luckily, these holidays fell on two Fridays and one Monday. I love it because the weekends became longer, and it truly is such a nice feeling that I don't have to think much on a Sunday night.

Sharing with you on how I spent my holidays! This is also a way for me to recap and remember.

August 19-21

I was able to take part in a medical mission, which is one of the ministries in my church. It wasn't my first time participating, and I've gone to the place before for a research paper / ministering to my groupmates through the testimonies of the homeless people whose lives have changed ever since they knew Christ. Truly, all the people here have powerful testimonies, and I cannot help but be blessed whenever I get to strike up a conversation with the workers here. I also got to speak with those who would come to the feeding program and learn about their lives, and I share with them as well about Jesus and how life becomes purpose-filled.

The thing that I want to break about outreaches is the common notion that we're just there to give them what they need and then go home. It's more of getting to see life in a different perspective, in the eyes of the people you're able to talk to. You don't only come home knowing that you've given, but also that you have received much insight.

I got to spend time with a dear friend who is part of my small group. In any of my group of friends, I'm almost always the youngest. This time around though, I was given the opportunity to be a big sister for three girls who are younger than me. I got to spend time with one of them, and when asked what she wanted to do, she simply just wanted to shop around and paint, which were surprisingly, two of my favorite things to do as well.

This is still all new to me on how to be a big sister for others, but I always think back of how my big sisters would treat me. I want to be able to pass on that same genuine and caring bond whenever I am with the younger ones.

August 26-28

I met with my friend Sher (please visit her blog! she recently transferred from tumblr to blogspot  ) and our friend who is a Japanese exchange student. She went back to Japan yesterday. I remember how we used to spend late nights together in the condo watching films and just talking, going out for late dinners, shopping, going on a mini hike to the falls, and showing her around the city.

I believe our paths will cross again someday, may it be in the same places, or in new ones.

I had time for the rest of the day, so I chose to go for a walk around the village. I got to see this, which was pretty awesome. I fall in love every single time, because the sky is never the same. It'll be like that for a moment until it turns dark. Whenever I think about how the position of the clouds and the color of the sky can never be exactly the same as it was, it makes the moment a lot more special.

September 1-3

It's already September. This means that Filipinos have started anticipating Christmas, and I'm actually okay with that. I am one of those people who would think that this is the most wonderful time of the year. 

My friends and I went to Escolta. I have always wanted to visit the place back in college, although I never got to due to org life, academics, and maybe also because no one was interested enough to go with me haha! I didn't want to risk going alone because I might end up somewhere and no one might see me anymore. 

We simply walked around and got to see old buildings. It was nice to learn about how Escolta used to be the 'go-to' place of everyone. I appreciate how there are still some small museums that run inside the buildings, as well as shops which promote Filipino handicrafts. It amazes me how I saw so many things that were years older than me, way back before I existed. 

We also went to Binondo and tried new places to eat in! Surprisingly, I didn't go hungry at all. Maybe because we had two rounds of orders, and because we kept walking.

I also got to practice driving. I have to admit that I still get tense whenever I'm out on the main road, but I know that I need to keep trying. I was able to stay in this lovely coffee shop after:

There weren't much people, since it was a Sunday and it was before lunch. I enjoyed how quiet it was and simply just staring at the decorations were enough to inspire me. 


These are my notable moments over the holidays. They may not seem much for others, but I've learned how to appreciate and live in small moments like these, however mundane they may seem. Because of this, I find myself getting pleasantly surprised more often. 

How do you choose to spend your holidays? :-) 



  1. OOOHHHH!! I've been planning to go to Binondo with my friends when we get our free time! And what's the name of the coffee shop?

    1. GO! Please do go. It's a great cultural experience. Haha!
      The name of the coffee shop is "Coffee Project" :) they have the loveliest interiors