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Friday, June 23, 2017

Let me tell you something about myself: I've never done online shopping before. This is about to change though, as I was introduced to an online shopping app called Shopee. I attended one of their events weeks before, although I was not a buyer or user of the app. It was only after the event that I was convinced to join, so I made an account.

Their homepage:

Shopee is an online shopping app that caters mostly to Southeast Asian countries and it is based in Singapore. They ensure the safety and convenience of both the buyer and seller for efficient transactions. I will not make a step by step instruction guide on how to use the mobile application, although you may comment your questions down below. I only aim to share with you my experience.


  1. This is my first time going online shopping, so I don't know how it's like with other online shopping apps. However, I did find that the app is easy to use and navigate in terms of browsing and ordering. 
  2. There is the Cash on Delivery (COD) option always available. 
  3. Shopee has a lot of promos and is very generous when it comes to discounts. I think this is good for bargain finds. 
  4. The search filter makes it easier to narrow down your choices. There are ordered categories with its respective categories as well. 
  5. Safety is a priority with Shopee. They are also reachable on their social media accounts whenever you have concerns.


  1. Sellers use the same photos, so I don't know if what their selling is legitimate or not. There are instances wherein two or more sellers would use the same photo and yet their prices are different. 
  2. There will always be instances wherein the product bought will not turn out to be exactly as it looks on the photo posted by the seller. 
  3. Which brings me to this important point: always make an effort to check their ratings and chat with the seller. I'm glad there is a chat option, which makes it easier to know if the seller is legitimate or not. 


So far, I've had two successful transactions with two sellers: OngIsabel and Thrift Bubble :-) I recommend them both if you plan to purchase skincare and clothes, respectively.

My mom was the one who received these for me. She already took it out of the packaging. I was looking forward to opening it myself, but I was out of the house on the day the package arrived. I'm planning to mask everyday for a whole week. I'll mix it up with my other favorite brands. Let's see how it goes!

I received these face masks a day after it was shipped out. There is a tracker on the app in which it tells you when your order was made, if it was successfully shipped out, if it is already on its way, and if it was successfully received. The shipping fee is also reduced to half if the orders reach 250 pesos.

From my IG stories!

Pants from Thrift Bubble! I have a previous post on my favorite black pants and I got two more from them, which are namely taupe and moss green. I will probably make an outfit post when I wear these. Thrift Bubble also included face masks from Etude House! They are very generous indeed.

I waited for this package for three days. When the orders reach 500 pesos, there will be no more shipping fee. Also, since they have this option, the delivery cannot be rushed. All good things are worth the wait ;-)

I'll be writing a separate detailed post on these products. Please look forward to it!


I've always had the impression that online shopping was a hassle and that only people with credit cards are able to do it. It's opposite though, it's actually convenient and there is such a thing as COD transactions. Online shopping seems rather addictive as well, since there are many discounts and promos. But then it's always good to be mindful of what we purchase and why we purchase as well. In the end, we must always be responsible for what we buy and how we choose to spend our money. 

Thanks for reading, dear reader! 

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