I'VE WATCHED: リトル・フォレスト Little Forest

Wednesday, November 23, 2016

"I thought .... I didn't want to live the kind of life where I was making other people do the killing first, and then complaining about the way they did it." - Yuuto

"Building a greenhouse shed here would mean I would stay in Komori for the rest of my life." - Ichiko

I wanted to screenshot all the scenes here in this film. Everything was beautifully shot, however simple it may be. I love slice-of-life films, and this one hit the spot.

The first film was divided into two parts, namely Summer and Autumn.

It's so nice to think that the problems they have are actually real problems as it concerns their survival, what to eat, how to grow their plants, and how to face the different seasons. It makes you think about the food that you eat as well. I can say that they can truly appreciate the food that they eat because they were the ones who grew it and they were the ones who prepared it for themselves, as well. The real spirit of "Itadakimasu!!" was present.

I enjoyed being an expectant observer from my screen as I watched Ichiko go about her daily life. Life that is lived enclosed in nature isn't a simple life as it seems to be for those who are merely spectators. We see how there was so much effort into how she makes her food. It was funny as well whenever she'd remember how her mom would share with her some 'secret recipes' when in fact they weren't secret at all whenever she'd see the same thing in the supermarket. But then at least she knows how to make it for herself, and probably in a healthier and more natural way.

The second film now presented us with Spring and Winter.

Watching these films have made me even more interested in such a basic, natural, and humbling lifestyle. All we are ever concerned about back here in the city would be the prices, and not much of the process of how these products were made. I like watching how much effort they place in making their food. One cannot simply just snack whenever they feel like it here. They have to wait for their plantations to grow, they have to care for it, and they have to prepare it accordingly.

Indeed, I am most fascinated with snow. In my life I have not yet experienced snow, especially since I live in a tropical country. This has made me even more determined to fly out of the country to experience all the seasons that other countries get to experience.

And of course, last but not the least, it's Spring!

While it's true I'm here for the aesthetics, I also captured some of Ichiko's mom's thoughts as well. Sometimes we feel that we keep going around in circles, as if we're not getting anywhere. Try as hard as we might, we are unsure whether we are able to reap better results. But then instead of a circle, the mom likens life to a spiral instead. Surely, we are heading somewhere.

Though, wouldn't it be nice, if we had a certain direction to run towards? ooooh foooood for thought ;)

Ahh, this post is image-heavy. But really, all these screencaps cannot do the film justice. I guess I really loved this film.


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