Bukal Falls in Laguna

Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Last week my friends and I went on a trip to see the waterfalls! Sadly though, the big falls wasn't there because it wasn't raining at all, and it didn't rain during the past few days. But then we found a different side of the falls; instead of the rushing and strong motions of the water, we were greeted by the calm and mystic mood that the falls brought about because it was a sunny day.

Overall, it was a fairly easy trail going to the falls. It took us less than an hour, but I have to admit that I am completely out of shape. I cannot emphasize it enough! I would run out of breath fast, and I perspired so much; drenched from top to bottom and I didn't even swim when I got there!

The water was really beautiful to see up close. It was really cold, too, which was why I was hesitant in taking a dip because I was very exhausted, not only from the walking, but also from the waking up (I didn't get any sleep at all to be honest) and the commuting. The commuting was really tiring..... but then I realized commuting is something that people here in the Philippines have to put up with. It's amazing, what people can get themselves used to.

My cellphone fell into the water. I thought it was going to be the end of it, but then luckily when I got back to Manila, I soaked it in uncooked grains of rice. And it worked! It's still alive until today hehehe

It was an exchange of stories, beliefs, dreams, and anything under the sun. I enjoy such conversations because I like to learn more about different cultures and to be able to share my perspectives about my own culture is really nice as well.

My dearest friend blogged about her experience, complete with our itenerary as well! You can find it here.


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