Sunday, December 20, 2015

It rained the whole day. I somehow felt antsy, seeing how the grass was already submerged in water making the garden look much like a swamp... but then indeed the Lord is sovereign. I jumped for joy as I was mopping and my dear friend Arbi told me that it stopped raining. Then he took this beautiful picture of the sky slowly clearing up and I saw the dark clouds floating away, and I could see a little bit of the blue sky. 

This was the setup from Friday! I could not stop staring at this space. It felt like it came straight out of tumblr / pinterest. I was so in loooove. The Christmas lights did wonders.

I never really understood how it was possible to make the perfect pom poms... but then they already look perfect to me no matter how it was done. hehehe he hehee he 

#PepitoAt1YearsOld Pepito, my cactus, joined us and was pleased to be wrapped in Christmas lights! He oversaw everything hehe ahh buti pa ang halaman!!!

Heydays team!! Yes these people I am surrounded with are truly passionate, talented, and inspiring. I am happy to be a part of this team. This team is always so full of ideas and always gets the job done so efficiently.

Warning: this girl derps too much for her own good :((((( I don't think that is ever going to change

Thank you dear parents for raising me into the woman I am today. I know you both sacrificed so much for me and my sister, and we are so grateful to the Lord for both of you. My sister is where she is now because of your encouragements and support. I know it was hard. I will also work hard and grow even more in your care and guidance. 

Photo from Hanna Gal

Indeed, the Lord has blessed me with the most wonderful people in this lifetime. Nasabi ko na lahat last night!! You're all amazing. 


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