Kindness and inspiration

Monday, July 27, 2015

Ayala Museum had an event last weekend called Inspire Everyday. The entrance to the museum was free, and there were pocket events that were ongoing throughout the day. I took this opportunity to learn how to commute to Makati and to be inspired through other people's art. I also got to see artworks that I've seen when I first went there!!

To enter the museum, we had to sign up for volunteer opportunities, so we left our contact details. I sure do hope to hear from them soon! I love such opportunities.

Filipino pride

Taking pictures was only allowed on the ground floor and second floor, so I only took a few photos of the Japanese art exhibition. 

These were various postcards that were placed on the walls. This was an event by Valerie Chua wherein we got to choose one postcard that we liked so we could bring them home. Each has a message at the back, so it felt personal. 

I can tell.... or maybe not... I don't know, but I think the one in the middle was made by Valerie?? haha

I like this whale

This one was really cuuute

What's inside your heart? 

Bamboo lovin'

I see youuu

Oh man I fell in love with this one the first time I saw it

It's the screen machine. I got to experience and see first-hand how silk screening is done for prints on t-shirts and papers and such. 

I went home with this one. 

Spread the kindness! I think art by others is meant to inspire and to make you want to be better. We should build a community that encourages and supports one another rather than trying to be superior over the other. I think all of art is beautiful. Whenever I would see other people's art, I would smile and feel all warm and fuzzy inside.... because it's like I can see the person through their art; it's an extension of themselves, of what is inside them, what is inside their hearts and minds. And there is a beauty of some kind if you look closely. Art is truly wonderful.

Have a great day, dear reader!

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