Monday, July 6, 2015

My two cents on films I've watched the past months, weeks, days!

Interstellar I enjoyed watching this film despite how mind blowing it could be. It made me think a lot even after watching it.

Gone Girl I liked how the story unraveled itself in this film. I liked piecing things together in order to come up with the logical connection between the events that transpired. There's also something about the wife that gave off the fairytale-vibes as if she had her own world and that she was capable of stringing together bits and parts in order to create a story (and that is exactly what she did).

Romantics Anonymous This was a light-hearted film! Really nice to watch. Very sweet and comical.

12 Angry Men I hated the man who kept shouting. Lol, joke. They were all shouting, basically, since they were all angry. But then there was so much to learn in this film. I enjoyed it despite how they were basically just talking all throughout. I did not even notice that one hour had already passed.

White House Down It went on for quite a while, and despite all the suspense and thrilling scenes, I could already feel what was going to happen in the end (just like any other action film). The president's face kinda grew on me as the story progressed. The funny thing that happened with this movie was that... I had a dream after watching it HAHA. It wasn't directly related to what I watched, but then I dreamt that there was some kind of danger that I was running away from, Idk. I think action films does that to you when you're asleep.

Little Miss Sunshine I got to watch parts of this film in the past, but then it was nice that I was able to sit down and just watch the whole thing. It was funny and entertaining for the most part! I like their yellow van. It's perky. I also like how the scenery of the freeway was shown here; it reminded me of my recent trip to California.


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